Season 24 Episode 5

A Bunch of Idiots

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • When Colton said "A Bunch of Idiots", surely he was referrign to himself. (Spoilers.)

    This Colton guy is disgusting. Absolutely repulsive. I can't stand him in any way. His comments last week were stupid and disgraceful. Yuck.

    And today he proves just how stupid he is. The ONLY person on Manono who actually stood a shot of leading the tribe to some challenge wins was Monica, So who does he target? Monica.

    It's just brainless. She is not a threat to you in any way until th e merge. At the present point of the game, she is your biggest asset.

    But I won't try to understand the brain of an arrogant, repulsive insect like that.

    Meanwhile, in other news, Kim finds an idol. <33333 Chelsea & Kim to the end, please!!! That would be perfect!!!

    I like the new Salani, and I hate the new Manono, except for the one they booted. Monica was such a fierce player - she definitely deserved to stick around much longer. She will most definitely be missed. :'(
  • Coulton must die

    He is such a snake. In this episode he plays both sides and talks about how bad his tribe is the game while lying around on his ass all day. I long to see him go off in a hissy fit when he gets voted out :-)

    Agreed with other posts switching up the tribes in this episode messes up several alliances. Almost like a two team merge in both tribes as people try to figure out who they can trust from the previous competitors in order to get numbers. No surprise though the gay guy that spent all the time chatting up the girls has no troubles in this area.
  • Makes me want to jump through the TV!

    I love Survivor and the diverse range of characters it brings together, from Richard Hatch, Boston Rob, JT and Russell, all great at the game and enjoyable to watch. Russell may be classed as evil but he played the game perfectly by manipulating and lying and deceiving, 3 of the qualities you need to win the game. Russell did this well but he never treated people like 2nd class citizens and questioned their life choices. Colton is a very very nasty piece of work and the sooner he gets kicked off this show the better it will be. Ratings are probably through the roof this season because of him though.

    Overall though this season is really good, there are some very strong women who I can see going all the way to the end, I hope so anyway. If they can somehow stay together, the 4 girl alliance kept together in the shake-up could very well be in the final 4.
  • Much better than last weeks

    The events of this episode is exactly what needed to happen to save this season, in my opinion. After the mayhem of the last episode the producers definitely needed to do something to make the show less predictable. Even though the show has a new problem, kind of. The new Salani tribe is STACKED. Every member is a good, or great, competitor besides Kat. When the merge happens there will be barely any of the other tribe left. I don't see Colton and crew winning at all. We'll see.
  • Couldn't be any better...Colton is a pro in Survivor...

    Was expecting a swap, however Colton is still in charge...This switching is really incredible because it makes the game more unpredictable the moment the merge comes...What will they do, maintain the original alliance or stay with their Tribe?

    Events happened as Colton accurately predicted...They lost and he got eliminated the person he wanted...One may not like him but one has to admit he is the superstar of this season and he will be great in the next Superstars Season...It's a rare attribute to fall on ones feet after a major change...

    Colton is the sadistic version of Russell Hantz...I mean Russell would have a bit of respect and avoid you if you were about to be eliminated, but Colton tells it in your face...His alliance with Alicia solidified this new alliance-Colton, Alicia, Leef, Jonas and Tarzan...If only they could win in the challenges, because as fun as it seems if they will be outnumbered I don't know the power that Colton might have to turn other people...I think maybe Troyzan but who knows if it will be enough.