Season 24 Episode 5

A Bunch of Idiots

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • Makes me want to jump through the TV!

    I love Survivor and the diverse range of characters it brings together, from Richard Hatch, Boston Rob, JT and Russell, all great at the game and enjoyable to watch. Russell may be classed as evil but he played the game perfectly by manipulating and lying and deceiving, 3 of the qualities you need to win the game. Russell did this well but he never treated people like 2nd class citizens and questioned their life choices. Colton is a very very nasty piece of work and the sooner he gets kicked off this show the better it will be. Ratings are probably through the roof this season because of him though.

    Overall though this season is really good, there are some very strong women who I can see going all the way to the end, I hope so anyway. If they can somehow stay together, the 4 girl alliance kept together in the shake-up could very well be in the final 4.