Season 24 Episode 5

A Bunch of Idiots

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • When Colton said "A Bunch of Idiots", surely he was referrign to himself. (Spoilers.)

    This Colton guy is disgusting. Absolutely repulsive. I can't stand him in any way. His comments last week were stupid and disgraceful. Yuck.

    And today he proves just how stupid he is. The ONLY person on Manono who actually stood a shot of leading the tribe to some challenge wins was Monica, So who does he target? Monica.

    It's just brainless. She is not a threat to you in any way until th e merge. At the present point of the game, she is your biggest asset.

    But I won't try to understand the brain of an arrogant, repulsive insect like that.

    Meanwhile, in other news, Kim finds an idol. <33333 Chelsea & Kim to the end, please!!! That would be perfect!!!

    I like the new Salani, and I hate the new Manono, except for the one they booted. Monica was such a fierce player - she definitely deserved to stick around much longer. She will most definitely be missed. :'(
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