Season 8 Episode 14

A Chapera Surprise

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2004 on CBS

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  • So much love in the tribe.

    With Alicia gone, Shii Ann is still in the game after her immunity win last tribal council. I remember so well at age 15. The loved ones coming out made me cry especially Shii Ann's mom Lily came out. Everything was just so sad and I wish love could be like that for me. I don't have that sort of love. The food challenge was mind over matter and each food was more disgusting than the rest. I was glad Amber's mom was eliminated first. The fafaru, I remember Boston Rob just couldn't eat it. Bucky Bo wins and poor Shii Ann.
  • Shi-Anne gone now!

    Sorry to see Shi-Ann go bye-bye
    But she was the last of the Mogo-Mogo tribe
    And that with the exception of Tom & Rupert
    There are nobody that I like that is left
    I loved Jenna a lot in Borneo
    But now I think she is very stuck-up
    As well as only cares about nobody except herself
    But she is only a cakewalk IMHO
    Next to the devious and decepted Romber duo
    But hey, Shi-Ann know that she was going big time!!
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