Season 15 Episode 1

A Chicken's a Little Bit Smarter

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 1: Peih Ge is bossy and Chicken yells "DAMN!"

    15 seasons into Survivor, and not much as changed except the location and the people. That being said, it's not necessarily a negative thing. I was soured on the beginning of last season because the set-up of the season (seperating each tribe into a nice camp and a crappy camp) meant we spent a half season not getting to know some of the players. At least this year, the show starts off establishing certain players and showing that there are some interesting ones.

    Another odd thing is having 16 players after a couple of years of 20. Not sure it makes much of a difference, but that probably means we're getting less double eliminations and surprises.

    In the first episode, both tribes seem to be on very different trajectories: the red tribe (I cannot remember their names off the top of my head) seems to work well together and establishes a leader right off the bat, while the yellow tribe just stands around, dances and does nothing in the way of building a shelter. When it comes time for the challenge, the red tribe does better overall and wins, while the yellow tribe crashes and burns after a strong start.

    The yellow tribe has some interesting players, such as Peih Ge, who is bossy but well-meaning. On the red tribe, a couple of standouts include James, the quiet gravedigger, and Todd, the gay flight attendant who hilariously shoves Aaron into a leadership role to take the focus off of himself.

    In the end, Chicken's attempt to get rid of the laziest tribe member fails and his inability to provide an opinion while building their camp gets him voted out. One episode in, and we get a "quote of the year" contender: Chicken's "DAMN" right after he gets voted out.
  • This episode allows us to get to know, what looks like a very interesting cast

    The cast looked really interesting after this episode. There were a lot of people with interesting personalities. I like how they have a lot of people with interesting professions mixed into the group, like a wrestler, grave digger, and a lunch lady. The religous ceramony to welcome them to China was interesting, and it was cool to see people react to doing it. I think Leslie was taking it too far when she refuesed to participate, but I guess she is entitled to her own opinon. I was glad that Chicken was eliminated early because he seemed like a strange guy. This episode did a good job setting up for an interesting season of Survivor.
  • the first episode of Survivor China.

    First of all I thought that Survivor would never do a season in China but I am very happy that they are doing it. I was shocked that people showed up wearing high heels and dresses don't they know they are going to be in nature why are they wearing those clothes. I can not believe Leslie could not evan particapate in a cememony that was being done just for them because she believes it interferes with her religous beliefs. I guess I could sy the same for her when she is on tv talking about her beliefs know that it could be aired. I think that this is going to be a great season of Survivor.
  • Same old Survivor, but I still love it.

    I am and will always be a fan of Survivor. This season so far hasn't done anything different from any other season, but it's still entertaining. Atleast this time around the guy I wanted off and who was annoying (Chicken - who mentally gave up way too soon), got voted off. I just can't wait to see the skinny blond from New York (sorry, can't and really don't want to remember her name), get booted off and hopefully with attitude. She is so disrespectful, especially in a country that has so much heritage and the people seem so friendly. If I hear another 'I live in the city...or people in the city don't do that..." I'll puke. Why do people like this keep applying for this show?
  • Same ole same ole survivor. One smart team one dumb team and the smart people on the dumb team go home.

    First off I have to say I am a Chinese culture and language buff. I doubt survivor did much research into chinese culture. Chinese generally are not Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Daoist, etc etc. They are Communist, meaning they either have no religion or Communism is their religion. Yes Communism is a religion. Mao Zedong is their God. But they started this episode off with an unrealist Chinese Buddhist welcoming ceremony giving the image that Buddhism is still widely practised in China. Not true! Then Jeff introduced the teams and teams names with his bad Chinese. First team was name zhan hu(zh being similar to a "j" sound but should be pronounced "John Hu", that would be a name an American Chinese person.) Jeff claimed it meant fighting tiger. Yeah I guess you could say that but I preferring the name and in my mind more acurate translation of "Warring Tiger". The next team was named Fei Long(Faye long with a long "o" sound not the short "o" sound that Jeff used to pronounce it) or Flying Dragon. Luckily they reconized the two most important colors to Chinese culture and gave the teams these two colors, red and gold. Gold was the color for the kings and emporers, no one else was allowed to wear this color and red that represented the blood they put everywhere during the Chinese new year or spring festival to scare away the evil monster "nian". For some reason the monster didn't like the color red. Now red is THE national color also the color for communism. The rest of the episode continued as usual. People wore unsuitable clothing and then acted like didn't know it would be so hard to do things in their high heels. Come on people, we know you have seen the show before. You gotta prepare better. Also as usual, one team was full of stupid unqualied people that can't work together and the other worked together and got things done. Then with the bad team lost they voted off one of the more hardworking and capable people Chicken. He made the mistake of refusing to give his opinion despite his qualifications in the area of expertise because of the stubborness of his teamates. My prediction: That team won't win a single competition unless the other team purposely loses to rid themselves of an annoying teamate.
  • An exciting concept "China" Seeing a good show in a reletively unknown location, 6000 Years of Customs and Traditions! Were the Ugly American's are alive and well! Disrespecrful, Untolerable, and Very Unforgiving of other peoples Beliefs and Principles!

    1. Chicken Steve, The Old Rooster!
    2. Young Roosters!
    3.Chickettes! (setting: children's stoy!)

    Well we need Shelter! young yellow roosters and yellow chickettes, dancing, talking, having fun! Work? No Who Needs It? We don't listen to old roosters!
    Later the sky is falling! Raining, Wet, Cold, No Sleep! Sun up! The Y.R.'s and Chick's dry their wet clothes. More dancing, talking, having fun! Work? Not now having fun! The sky falls again! rain, cold, wet, No sleep again. Not enough common sense to join him under the dry tree! Idea! Build a shelter to keep dry! Where is that old rooster? He can build us a shelter! He knows how to build a shelter! He said that a day or so ago, but we were very busy! He can build our shelter! WORK? well we can dance and Work! and Talk and Have fun too!
    "CHICKEN STEVE" Senses his time is short and senses his early departure from this game! Why help them and why build a shelter he will not use?
    P.G., Miss Know It All, the Straw Boss Etc., And Self Appointed Leadership Example! "Miss P.G. CHARMING"! Ya Know Maybe "CHICKEN STEVE" Did not have any use for you also! The Young Roosters And the Chickettes!
    No thanks! This is not New York! The people are different too! The blond took a right turn instead of a left turn, she was really supposed to appear in the "Lost Series"!
    The vote! "CHICKEN STEVE" Again speaks his mind! Is It The TRUTH? Was There any LIES? Sounded right on too me! Get the yellow team together, work hard togeether as a yellow team! Or It is all over for the yellow team!
    2 Votes for the wrestler for sickness, soft and being lazy. 1 vote for P.G. For being too Vocal and Bossy! Nothing super sugar coated for the young and foolish! The Youth
    Answered! "Chicken your out of here"! A Resounding "DAMN"! was heard by all from him! Contestant's minds scattered, heads snapped to the left and right! bodies shifted away and hearts skipped a beat! instilling fear! Thats Authority and Power!
    Well I believe "Chicken Steve" Is happy, smiling and laughing at all of them! He has a front row seat. Sitting back watching the young tender roosters and the young tender chickettes! Playing, dancing and talking and then, running around saying the sky is falling again or they are running from the rain and wettness! or the circling "Chicken Hawks" or maybe just the "Red" team, as they get picked off one by one!

    Yes it is was all written in Upper Case! Is it really shouting? I did not hear anything! Sounds Very Stupid to me! Is lower case typing talking or whispering? It is easyier for me to see and read. With sight problems and I'm single handed do to a disability with my right arm and no use of my right hand! The use of upper case facilitates the reduced number of keystrokes and single hand movements! Is this a equal oppertunity site in complyance with the Americins With Disability Act? And the program Access for Modern America?
  • One Survivor Terminated, Fifteen Survivors Remain...

    I liked the beginning of the episode a lot, it was cool to see the camera hit some of the fine points in China just to give us a view of the culture. Even though Survivor is taking place in China, once it got to the beach it looked like standrda Survivor jungle scenes. So I thought it was cool they spent a little extra time outside fot he jungle.

    Considering that they hand-picked the teams, I thought they were slightly unbalanced. I think that the Red Team easily dominates the Yellow team, personally. I think all four men on the red team are a serious threat, whereas Yellow has 2 serious threats and one medium threat. The horrendous person was voted off at their tribal council.

    I found the red team very interesting, I loved Jean-Robert using his poker skills to red into the flight attendant, and then to have it actually be a correct prediction as Todd seemed uneasy that Jean-Robert was able to pick him apart like that.

    The challenege was good I thought - good to so a China theme there in the challenege. I think this group has a lot of good players and some that I would like to go early. I like Dave in the Yellow tribe, he seems like someone I would like to see win it all, along with Jean-Robert. Overall, solid pilot episode of Survivor China.
  • Chicken learns the hard way what happens when you open your trap one too many times at Tribal Council.

    When asked if he lied to anyone during the show, Richard Hatch, winner of the first season of survivor gave a very interesting answer. He said the only person he lied to on a consistent basis was the show's host, Jeff Probst, during tribal council. It was a very good piece of advice for future contestants if they wanted to win the show like Richard did, and he couldn't have made it more clear. If you want to go far in the show, lie during tribal council. Being honest just before the vote is most likely one of the dumbest things you could do and if you said the wrong thing at the absolutely worst time, that could punch you an early ticket home. It couldn't have been more true when watching the first episode of Survivor China. The tribe going in to vote this week were split between two people walking in, and then someone else opened their big trap at tribal council. Wanna guess who got tossed? Steve 'Chicken' Morris made a very bad first impression when he arrived to the new camps. At first he was bossy and tried to tell everyone what they should do. This lead to the other campers ignoring him and doing their own thing. Frustrated by this, he began to not offer anymore ideas and just followed the crowd for a while. This tactic actually worked because a short time later, they started to approach him and ask him for his advice. That was the point where he should have dropped the act and helped out. But rather than take the olive branch that was offered, Chicken kept refusing to offer his advice, and that was almost as bad as doing nothing at all. His fate was then sealed when he opened his fat trap at tribal council, dissing the people who didn't work and how he was ignored. At that point, the tribe looked ready to send Ashley packing (which I thought would have been a mistake). I remember when I was watching this tribal council, I keep saying when chicken was talking "Shut the f**k up up before you change their minds!" It was too late, Chicken made the mistake Richard had warned against and swayed minds at the last minute, thus making him the first person voted out of China. Chicken wasn't the only person to make a bad first impression during the first episode. Two ladies on the show made themselves look really bad during the buddist ceremony at the beginning of the episode. Courtney was completely ignorant and didn't seem to care a bit about respecting the ceremony, while Leslie was just as ignorant as she left the ceremony before it was finished. Before the ceremony at the buddist temple started, Jeff went out of his way to say it wasn't worship but a ceremony to welcome them to China. But Leslie still couldn't do it cause she assumed cause there was bowing that the ceremony was religious. Leslie also made her views on religion clear at camp as well, and she had better fly a little lower under the radar or she might make an early exit. Courtney on the other had has opinions, but has been smart enough to keep them to herself, so she knows better and might hang around a little bit longer for that. It was a good episode but I'm going to nip something in the bud before anyone asks me about it. While watching the episode, my wife asked the same questions that I know everyone else had when watching the episode. Why did Jeff give the losing tribe fire to keep after the first council? Why did they surprise people to only wear to the game what was on their backs but then backpeddle and provide sneakers for those who needed them to compete during competitions? Why are they being soft on the contestants this year as opposed to being harsh and in their faces for the last numerous seasons? The answer is very obvious, as I'm sure the show and it's producers have their own rules to follow as everyone knows that China can be very pushy when it wants to be. I'm sure the agreement with the government of that nation calls for them not to be too hard on them, and that's all right cause this season is looking more like the original and that's not a bad thing either. And even though I had fun with the whole 'exile island' gimmick, I'm glad it's been given the heave ho for this season. It was used too much over the last few seasons and we did need a break from it. Overall, the first episode of Survivor China made a good first impression with myself and the people I was watching it with. We'll definitely be back next week to watch it again...
  • Here we go, another new season of Survivor kicks off in China and boy am I excited!

    What an interesting mix of characters. Even from the get go at the Buddhist temple, you see some issues come out with Leslie (the Christian talk-show host) leaving the ceremony and look I respect her decision. Jeff mentioned it was not 'worship' but come on, bowing and joss sticks and chanting in front of a Buddha statue. I respect religion and I would not have felt comfortable doing that either.

    I thought Courtney was just plain disrespectful.

    Telling the survivors that they would be wearing the clothes on their backs was ingenious, with Survivor, you have to be prepared for everything! I thought the woman wearing her heels walking through the mud was absolutely hilarious!

    I thought the stupidest comment was made by Peih Gee, when she said she came here thinking it was a piece of cake. WHAT??? Have you not watched a single episodes from the last 14 seasons. Stupid comment!

    But even taking 2 days to build a shelter, I can't believe they did not start building a shelter immediately, instead taking time show their talent in dance or lack thereof. I wonder if this cast of survivor ticked the "I have never watched Survivor" box in the audition form.

    Voting Chicken out was a good idea; his refusal to voice his opinions led to his downfall. It was his way of voicing his opinions initially, he did not help at all but rather he shot down the opinions of others, which lead to them not listening to him. If he had taken a nicer approach with his opinions, he might still be in the game.

    Next out, I would think... Peih Gee, she's just irritating!
  • Another new season of Survivor kicks off with an interesting mix of characters.

    It doesn't really matter to me where Survivor is, but how fun the people are. Were there any fun or wacky characters this season? You bet! How about a female wrestler who gets sicker than the rest of them? A Christian radio show host who has to leave the Buddha temple. (good for her, sticking to her beliefs and not getting kicked off for it!) A school lunch lady who truly looks to fit that role to a t, and a muscle bound, quiet and really nice gravedigger, who I hope goes really far! Oh, and of course there is the chicken farmer. He likes to shake his head at the others, as if he knows what it's all about. But does he share his infinite knowledge? Not really, or maybe he did and we just didn't understand him. Either way, he got the boot and I'm fine with that. Many other interesting characters that we'll get to know, and some of very cute, which is important and was somewhat lacking last season. Off to a good start, just nothing breathtaking so far.
  • Great so far!

    I have watched a lot of seasons in this series and it was my father who got me hooked on the series. Every season is so much fun to watch because its always new challenges and always so different. Survivor China seems to be great so far and I know its going to stay great. I loved that Chicken was voted out first and how funny it is that his name is Chicken! I loved at the end when he yelled "DAMN" and scared everyone around him. Me and my sister thought that was so funny. I can't wait to see that happens next week.
  • Refreshingly reminiscent of past seasons.

    This season is a sorta throwback to the earlier ones. With having the contestant number at sixteen, then the tribes taking their torches back with them from tribal council. For several seasons, they hadn't been able to do so but had to get fire on their own. And can't wait to see how the hidden immunity idols that are in plain sight in the camps will play out. Who's gonna get them?

    Also I want to say yay for contestant Leslie for standing up with her faith. No disrespect to other culture and their traditions, but one needs to keep with their own as well. Something else is how most of them didn't seem prepared when they couldn't have items from their luggage. Haven't they ever watched past seasons? Back in the seventh, all those players had were the clothes on their backs, plus their athletic shoes. Every player needs to be prepared that anything you do for your season, you may just be stranded with what you have on, so go with as much clothes as you can wear on your body (ie., two or three tees, shorts, bathing suits, socks, etc.). It's gonna be an interesting go around I hope.
  • A new location, a new well chosen bunch, incredible scenery, Survivor is back.

    I have been waiting for something to watch on TV for months. Since there is not football 7 days a week, and the new fall schedule was forever away, it was a rough few months. China is an interesting place. I liked the ceremony to start the show, and China is a land based on ceremony and the woman who thought it was religious was totally wrong. It has tradition and sometimes tradition is much more important than anything else.
    We had a new challenge and an interesting arrangement of teams. I think they were well chosen but Team Yellow is not organized, would not listen to Chicken when he suggested where and how to make their shelter. When they ignored him, he stopped giving suggestions which led to his being voted off, was that lame.
    The grave digger is a physical force, he cut down tree after tree with the machete like he was cutting the lawn. If he gets someone to teach him how to play the politics of the game he could go far.
    The best line ever in Survivor "I am not wearing a bra" will go down in history along with Jeffs reply, That could make you the most popular person in camp
  • Still Survivor though!

    The show is still Survivor though which I look forward
    To every Thursdays. As despite it not being the watercooler
    Show that it used to be back then. Still I think
    It is indeed Survivor. Hate it that Chicken got kicked out
    As I would be disappointed if I got kicked off as
    You were trying to work so hard. The youth will probably
    Pay for that as the team with the yellow buffs don't
    Know what they are doing. While the team with the red
    Buffs know what they are doing. As that they seem to
    Get along great. It is about teamwork and skills that make
    You go as far!
  • A good start to another season!

    Well, Survivor heads to China for this installment and by the looks of this episode, they might be in the middle of monsoon season.

    For a nice change, pretty near the entire cast was introed to people watching. There are people who are going to grate on nerves as usual (the NY waitress who seems a bit anti social) and others such as the pro wrestler who talks a big game but probably escaped being voted out by the skin of her teeth (or bleached hair).

    I was a little disappointed that the oldest feller was voted off considering how he tried to avoid being put in a position where he bossing anybody. I think his fate might have been sealed by his words at the council...who knows?

    A good start..looking forward to the rest of the season!
  • the same old thing...

    Survivor is in China this season with a whole new set of people. Of course, it's the same rules and the same Jeff and the same old thing. The new people weren't very interesting, from first glance. I really liked Chicken, but he got voted out. I always like the old guys the most because they have to work the hardest to stay in. I think it's funny that they have a professional wrestler... I wonder how that'll work out. Overall, it was just average. Nothing special happened, it was just the beginning of another season. Hopefully, the season will pick up and have new components to offer.
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