Season 12 Episode 7

A Closer Look

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2006 on CBS
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A recap of Survivor: Panama - Exile Island and a closer look, filled with never-before-seen footage of the castaways in challenges and at camp.

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  • "That's the lunatics's bar of soap. "

    A very good episode when you compare it to other "CLoser Look" episodes.

    It felt like a comedy compilation of Casaya - every bizarre moment of that ridiculously trainwrecky tribe was clumped together into an awesome little package withe some La Mina stuff appearing intermittently.

    The 13 new scenes were cool - 14 if you count the one with the credits at the every end. Meanwhile watching Tina's story about her son was painful just as it was the first time around...

    I enjoyed the episode as a whole - these recap episodes are rarely entertaining but this is probably the best one I've ever seen - past, present or future...

    EDIT: Edited to add just to mention that I felt really bad for Sally with her story about her parents! That was awful, and hope things get better for her...moreless
  • This episode was complete waste of time Boring.

    It was a recap episode with some never before seen footage. When I say "some" never before seen footage I mean 1 or 2 scenes. When this episode was advertised they made it seem like there would be an endless amount of new scenes. For an episode entitled, "A Closer Look" there sure was NO closer look as, like I said before, there were only a few new scenes. This episode was so BORING. Lets make this simple it was the worst episode of the whole season. We don't need no re-cap real fans watch the show. I Would much rather have the whole season played un-interrupted.moreless
  • What did I miss?

    Well this would be one episode of Survivor that I thought was a complete waste of time and money.

    It was suppose to show a closer look and things that we had not already seen and missed but there was very little of that.

    I thought it mostly shows the parts that were used for advertising of the next episode so I had seen them many times before anyway.

    I did like hearing the comments of those who had already been voted off.

    I also thought this episode was way too early I would have liked it closed to the end as a final recap or something.moreless
  • We missed you "Closer look!" (no we didn't)

    Ever since I knew that Survivor: Exile Island's gonna have 16 survivors instead of 18 I figured out 3 things:

    1. The season is going to be at least 1 episode shorter.

    2. No double tribal (which was the best episode of the last three seasons)

    3. The return of closer look.

    Now, not that it was bad. It wasn't interesting, that's all. I think they could add 2 more survivors instead of not only show this filler episode, but skip one week.

    Is this the worst episode of the season? yes, but not because it was bad, it's because it's just a plain filler.moreless
  • Never Before Seen Footage

    I love the fact that they showed never before seen footage of the show

    About scenes that never made it to tv

    That is until last night

    Maybe the reason that Tina the logging lady went was that she was too independent and tried to do things her own way

    She just IMO signed her death warrant over that

    Shane, despite being a jerk, shared a tender moment as his crewmates sung Happy Birthday to his now thirteen-year old son Boston

    Cire is growing on me and also is this seaon's comic relief

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Jeff Probst


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