Season 13 Episode 7

A Closer Look

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2006 on CBS

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  • Just a recap...

    Not mentioning this episode is one idea, I'd only recommend it if you were really bored. Recaps are great and all when there is nothing better to do, but Id rathe get on with the show.

    Some interesting scenes were shown of course and those were great, but nothing that you can't likve without.

    Overall, it's just... there.
  • Boring recap show indeed.

    Another boring recap show like one reviewer before me has
    Said and that I happen to agree with them as
    They need more than just fourteen never before seen footages and what I really liked about the scenes is that they show Yul destryoing the immunity idol evidence and that was very smart of him to do. Only scene that I liked.
  • Another boring recap episode.....

    I love Survivor, but the recap episodes are SOOOO boring. There is only 1 or 2 good new scenes. The rest are blah. The recpa episodes are just boring filler episodes that shouldn't even air anymore. The people who care enough watched the show know what happened and don't need to see it again. Hopefully next season on Survivor Fiji, they won't show another recap episode. There's just no need to air anymore of them. The "new" scene barely add anything to the show, and the rest of the stuff we already saw. Please, Mark Burnett and CBS exuectives, no more recap episodes of Survivor!