Season 20 Episode 13

A Sinking Ship

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 06, 2010 on CBS
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After Candice's flip to the Villains side, Colby and Rupert share their disappointment in her while Jerri worries she would flip back to the Heroes side. Rupert confronts Russell about how he plays the game, which made Russell want to vote out Rupert next for the next Tribal Council. The castaways meet for the challenge and Jeff tells them it will be for immunity. Afterwards, he read a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol to the entire tribe. When the castaways return to camp, everybody went looking to find the idol. Sandra finds it and hides it from the others while Rupert tries to trick the others that he found it by putting a rock in his pocket. Before Tribal Council, the Villains plan to wash out "Rupert's idol" by splitting their votes. In the end, Rupert and Colby are safe from the vote by sticking to their plan of voting for Candice. The next day, the tribe meets for another Immunity Challenge. Afterwards, Russell gets concerned that Parvati may be more loyal to Danielle than to himself. So he tests their loyalty by tell both girls the other is out to get them. After Parvati finds out the truth she gets Jerri to vote for Rupert but then at Tribal Council, Russell is able to flip Jerri's votes after Danielle has an emotional breakdown.moreless

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  • Candice and Danielle very worthless to their tribe.

    Candice's vote against Amanda bit her in the rear as she was targetted by everybody on the villians and even Colby and Rupert, got back at her. For payback in voting off Amanda. Danielle, who was more worse even for the villians tribe. As well as more worse in this edition then in Panamda. Was next to go as she did really nothing but hung on the coattails of Parvati. As everybody saw it a way of breaking that alliance up. Which was a smart thing to do. Jerri is the swing vote indeed. As I am loving Jerri each and every second. And despite not contributing much, Sandra is hanging on at least. Now two Heroes are left!moreless
  • Another great episode from Russell...

    I know people who hate Russell will say he shouldn't have eliminated Danielle, but I disagree. I think she started betraying Russell long ago, and now was just staying near him out of fear because she knew...Just like Mick last season without Russell she had no value...She was sacrficied and it was by far the best move Russ took...Ok maybe he could have taken out Parvati, but still the scene at trial was priceless, she realised she was gone, and parvati couldn't help her...Russ showed his strength...Even if he misses the top 3, noone can be on top of him playing wise. Some people say Sandra but I disagree...Let's examine, she managed to tell some believable lies...Challenge wise? a big 0...Tactic wise? a big 0...Ability to choose alliance?a big 0...

    Nothing to show she needs respect...

    Parvati...She isn't the smart person she's portrayed...She lack Russ's cold blood...He would never have saved Sandra...As for the other I would only mention Jerri...She deserves some respect for acting right.

    But Sandra has the idol, which means top 4+blindside...So I think Russ has to play it right...Win everything...No wrong steppes.

    I like the Ruthless Russell in this season...Just shows one that people who aren't afraid to make smart decisions are worth of one's regard.moreless
  • What was Russell thinking? Let's see. Jerri is next week's swing vote!

    Did not expect (or want) Danielle to go. Russell's paranoia may have screwed up his game, but let's take a closer look.

    Russell was correct in the first vote that they should've split the votes between Colby and Rupert. This is what often happens when votes are split and the plan changes mid-gears. Naturally, Russell thought he had some control over Candice and didn't want her gone, so in the next Tribal Council he tried to take back control. But was it premature?

    That's what people will ask, and most will say yes. I did too, at first. I agree with Parvati and Danielle that Rupert (or Colby) HAD to go. It's way too dangerous having them around in the Final 6 now. The way Russell played today initially made me think he cannot win this game anymore based on jury votes, something he obviously doesn't recognize (too bad for him he didn't get to see Survivor Samoa's Reunion before going on this season). He's betrayed, for apparently no real reason, too many people with this move. He's lost Danielle's vote on the jury, as well as Courtney's from before, Parvati if she's on the jury and jurors that hate betrayers (like the jury from Samoa). He may have Coach's, JT's, Amanda's and maybe Candice's votes. Coach may vote emotionally. His jury question will probably decide it, address to Russell. JT and Amanda would probably vote Russell because they realize it's a game. So who knows who would vote for who. Has Sandra played a good enough game to win? What of Jerri or Colby? Interesting on reflection.

    I thought for sure that Russell, Parvati and Danielle would be the Final Three. They seemed so set up for that. Or Russell could've brought Jerri on his side and forced a tie-breaker at Final Four were he worried about the girls turning on him at 3. I still think it'll be Final 3 because that would leave 9 jurors. Final Two would have 10 jurors, which would be only the 2nd odd-numbered jury in 20 seasons (Micronesia the other).

    Russell seems to have screwed himself. He's now betrayed Parvati, who WON'T crawl back to him, I don't think. She'll try to get the girls together to oust Russell, but will have no power over the men. So, Russell (as the preview shows) will join the two remaining Heroes, both men, Colby and Rupert, who wants Parvati gone, methinks. That would be 3 versus 3, and since no one wants to pick rocks, it all comes down to: Jerri.

    There's always one person who fears rocks that jumps over on the first (or sometimes second) vote.

    Jerri will have to decide whether to stay loyal to Russell and join WITH Colby (of all people) and Rupert (who she played with in All-Stars), or join with Parvati (who she hates) and Sandra (unknown relationship).

    Now if Sandra were wise, she could bring Jerri over by showing her the Idol. But, that could be detrimental if Jerri tells Russell.

    Has anyone else noticed that:

    Jerri and Colby played in Australia

    Rupert and Sandra played in Pearl Islands

    Rupert and Jerri and Colby played in All-Stars

    Don't Parvati and Russell see that and fear it?

    A lot will depend on Sandra and Jerri's relationship. Let's also not forget that Parvati gave Idols to Sandra and Jerri, lol. So much to consider!

    Everything will depend on a) who wins Immunity; b) who becomes the targets because of that; c) if Sandra shares her Idol knowledge with anyone or uses it to blindside someone at TC; d) if they figure out Sandra has the Idol and what they do with that info.

    Cannot wait!moreless
  • It's the second coming of Christ! (Spoilers)

    And for the most part, Russel was right, it was the second coming of Christ. Rupert produced a miracle, by surviving not one, but both tribal councils. It was supposed to be just a normal pick off the heroes episode, but Rupert saved himself with a stroke of genius. Finally, the Heroes do something right, and it was nice to see Russel get played even if I still do want him to win. The immunity challenges were both very interesting, it amazes me that people can just step down from a challenge after one minute for an unknown food, it can be anything, really. After the first vote, Russel felt that he had lost power, and he even admitted it, which must mean the world is coming to an end. Ad for the Villains tribe it was, Russel felt as if he needed to do something drastic to regain power and boy did he ever. I never really cared for Danielle or Candice, so I'm happy they were the casualties in this episode and not Rupert and Russel for example, who are slightly more interesting.

    I'm finding myself amazed at this season, the only possible flaw could be the lack of structure towards the hidden immunity idols and just giving 4207 of them away every episode, all of them are probably hidden in Colby's bag but he's just to busy watching treasure island to look for them. Brilliant episode, as has the season has been and can't wait for more.moreless
  • While the Villains may be in control of the game, they are not united. Differences and resentments in the tribe start to come to the surface here. The remaning Heroes on the other hand are very united. They show they can still compete.moreless

    I am undecided about my feelings about Rupert's decision to confront Russell. As was shown in the opening of this episode, all that have challenged Russell have been voted out, so Rupert is putting himself on the chopping block. However, it took a lot of courage on Rupert's part to confront Russell the way he did and for that I give him a lot of credit. However, Russell will be gunning for him for sure. One of the funniest moments in the episode is when Russell called Rupert "The second coming of Christ." This episode had TWO excellent tribal councils.moreless
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