Season 15 Episode 14

A Slippery Little Sucker

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • Todd really is a schemer!

    Todd I think is really a schemer and that despite me not wanting him to win thanks to a jury that didn't like him but voted for him anyway. As I wanted Amanda to win and that she was more likable though she didn't prove her worth. As I would have to agree with Denise as she needed the money more than the other three and she would had won had not she got voted out. Courtney I was surprised that she got two votes. Todd is just a little wimp and that he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Still, people voted for him anyway. Least deserving IMHO!
  • Yay!!! Todd won!!!

    Oh my god, for once the person I wanted to win won the game!!! Seriously, Todd had the best stratigy, he had the best alliance, and he had the best game plan from the start. He was the obvious choice for winner of the entire thing, and I am so glad that he won!!!
    I was freaked out that Amanda would turn on Todd and vote for Denise. She really shoud have if you think about it, but I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for her to make a descicion, praying that she would stick with Todd!!!
    And I got to tell you, Jeff was right when he said that Courtney probably held the record for the most one-liners during a season, because it was hilarious to watch her. I went from totally hating her to loving watching her because she was so real and so funny!
    My one complaint was that he seemed to be trying to rush through the reunion, and I would have liked to here some of the others things different people had to say.
    Congrats to Todd, I'm glad he won and I hope he's the flight attendant for my flight, lol!!!
  • Review

    Very good finale that kept me entertained throughout the duration of the two-hour program. I loved the final Tribal Council, which for the first time I really thought that a Survivor (Todd) changed some peoples votes the other way and made them vote for him. I had Courtney winning 5-1-1 and then after the Tribal Council I just knew that Todd was going to have a chance to win the whole thing. Overall, I would classify everythign in this finale as very well put togeether. Denise fights for her life and does everythign she can, I just think she played the wrong card there. Dont say that you should stay because you need it the most you should have said that something about Courtney being able to take the whole thing down. Overall, I would say this is one of the best finales we have had to date with a great reward by Amanda and an interesting decision followed by one of my favorite immunity challenges to watch - the endurance "Who Wants it Most".
  • Good job Todd. Good job.

    Todd, I must say. I've had my ups and downs with you. At the very first part of the season, I loved you. In the middle-end, I really started to dislike you. But I respect you. You probably had the best gameplay this season and you were great at Tribal Council. I really underestimated you. I called you dumb at times and I called you stupid, too. But you won. Once again, I definitely respect you. You may be a hothead and impatient, but you are still an intelligent person. Your speeches at the final Tribal Council were brilliant. You may have been a little iffy from time to time, but your OVERALL gameplay was great.

    This was a good season. And Todd, you deserved to win.