Season 4 Episode 13

A Tale of Two Cities

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 16, 2002 on CBS

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  • Finally!

    Sean is gone! Yeehaa! I don't think I ever been so annoyed with one person ever. He almost made me decide to not watch Survivor anymore. And he even had the nerve to call himself humble at the end. Check up the word in a dictionary man.
  • Poor Sean, and now Vecepia's alone. Kathy is two-faced.

    What was Kathy thinking, she at first wanted to oust Neleh and Paschal with the General, V and Sean. Now she won't oust Neleh? Sean is an honest guy who has won so many challenges. I'm guessing that Kathy was playing both sides. She has no allies but she could've had the General with her if she swayed him more. The fight at tribal council was intense between Paschal and Sean, and Sean said he spoke for his word. He and Paschal bonded even after that Coconut juice challenge. Then Sean won a car. Sean and V don't like Neleh and Kathy didn't either. Then Sean is gone and now Vecepia is all alone. At least Sean now cheering for Vecepia to be the first African American winner.
  • First argument ever at tribal council

    Sean and Paschal argue with one another and this is
    The first time of what will be many times that
    People will argue at tribal council. But this is only a
    Cakewalk compared to what will happen with Guatemala three years later over.
    But if you ask me, I think Sean should had just kept his mouth shut and in the end, maybe he wouldn't had been voted out.