Season 19 Episode 8

All Hell Breaks Loose

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2009 on CBS

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  • The wrong person played the Immunity Idol!

    This episode was a fairly interesting one. I enjoyed seeing the two tribes merge, but I would've liked to have had one more round of separate tribes, personally.

    The challenge in this episode was very entertaining for me. I really enjoyed it, but I was, like just about everybody there, disappointed to see Laura win, thwarting Russell's plan.

    I enjoyed the strategising and cut-throat action, but I felt there was a bit too much of that and not enough action in this episode, which is why I don't rate it any higher.

    I was pretty shocked to see Erik leave, but he put it upon himself. The funny thing for me was that the wrong person played the Immunity Idol thing, so that was a waste for Russell, who has the pressure on him.

    A good episode, with an excellent challenge, but too much strategising for my personal liking.
  • Foa Foa and Galu merge to become Aiga in this episode. Foa Foa, realizing they are at a huge disadvantage in terms of numbers, tries their best to keep themselves alive in the game and works the crowd.

    The episode where the merger takes place is always an interesting one. Seeing how people play one another and try to get in good with others is always worth seeing. One of the things I really enjoyed about this episde is how the other castways in a way turned the tables on Russell. Throughout the game Russell has always been so confident that he is in absolute control (and he has good reason to think so). Seeing him being tricked into using his immunity idol was the best part of this episode. Erik being blindsided was also fun to watch.
  • Russell feeling vulnerable for the first time!

    Russell is really dumb for not just playing the idol at TC. But showing Galu the idol. When that really shows you he isn't that bright. And that he doesn't need to run off his mouth. Because that is or what could be his downfall. The tribes merge but Galu has more cracks in it. John is seen as a powerful player as is Laura. Laura and John get immunity. But it is Erik's big mouth that gets him into huge trouble. And it does cost him big time, making him the first jury member. A huge, huge blindside. Shambo seems more in tune with the ex-Foa Foa members. It wouldn't surprise me if she sided with them. As she's been on the outs with Galu since day one!
  • Phase two starts.Russell feels unsure for the first time. A new enemy is identified for Russell, a very powerful one-John.

    This episode marked the beginning of the phase two of the game, actual the starting of the real game, the MERGE.
    Russell goes to a few people from Galu and starts showing the idol in an attempt to zerg some votes. He makes some clear assessments and decides Laura needs to go, as her behaviour indicates her intentions.
    Unfortunately the individual immunity challenge takes place and Laura and John win-John grabs the victory from Russell.
    So the plan falls, and a new person has to be decided to vote out. Some say Jaison others Monica. But the most important element I find here is the person removed in the end-ERIK-is convinced by the same guy-JOHN- to vote MONICA. And this dude accepts and act as if it's his own idea, he goes to Foa Foa and starts acting all superior and telling them to break contact with Russell. His demise comes from his own members, and he falls because he couldn't keep his mouth shut and being impulsive.
    Regarding Russell, I felt his insecurity and in a way I agreed with his playing the idol even if it wasn't him the targeted one.Galu knew he had the idol and by playing it he tried to get the pressure of him.
    Problem is the score is 7-4, and the scenes from next episode shows Russell as being targeted by everyone, so I can only pray that he wins the immunity challenge. He has a serious chance as he is really smart and good.However the issue still remains, John plays the game really really well, and the only chance will be for Russell to win immunity and get it to 6-4.John is in my opinion less smart than Russell but he has the numbers advantage. Shambo voted with Erik against Jaison and I don't think zerging Galu members will work, as people are convinced Russell is the most dangerous one. The one other way for Russell to save himself would be for someone to do something stupid.
    Next episode will be very important in my opinion, either Laura will go or Russell.
  • Amazing!

    I waited all season to see the loud mouth Erik get voted out, and it finally happened. Glad Galu made a good call and finding Erik's true canivingness. He deserved every little bit of that humiliation, which he brought upon himself. Jaison also takes a stand against Erik, defending his honors and accomplishment. Even though Foa Foa is down in members, they still have a good shot at pulling this game around, if they can work together as a team. Can't wait to see how it will all play out in the end. Happy to see a merged tribe now!