Season 6 Episode 14

...And Then There Were Four

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 11, 2003 on CBS

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  • Pathetic. Can't believe. This season had such potential. Jenna totally didn't deserve to win.

    When I look back, the season started with so much potential. Rob, Deena, Dave, so powerful characters. I never thought Jenna (the pretty spoiled girl) would win Survivor! Is that even possible? The way she treated Christie in the beginning, the way she betrayed Deena (yes, she can go on forever, but she was the one who betrayed Deena first!), for me, it's unethical. The truth is that Jenna and Matthew weren't the ones that deserved to make it to the top 2. In my opinion, the true candidates were Rob and Deena. Now, I agree with something I read here. This season is such a disappointment. I won't say a waste of time ONLY because of Deena,Christy and Rob. Period. My next season is season 3. You'll see me back there ;)
  • Jenna shouldn't had won period!

    I thought that Matthew got a raw deal in the end
    But also that people were afraid of him after
    The machete incident as well as thought that he had some
    Socially awkward skills. He was the true survivor as he provided shelter and food for the team.
    Also thought that Butch should had been in the final two with Matthew.
    Jenna shouldn't had won at all. She was just too mean and heartless!