Season 8 Episode 11

Anger, Tears and Chaos

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2004 on CBS

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  • Boston Rob screws over Lex.

    I have got to say that this was my favorite episode of Survivor: All-Stars. Being the big fan of Boston Rob that I am, I loved it when he faces Lex face to face and told him that he could not help him after Lex lobbied to save Amber during the previous episode.

    I almost, I said "almost," felt bad that Lex got screwed. Nah, I'm kidding.

    To top of Lex's most embarrassing episode in either Survivor: All-Stars or Surviovr: Africa, he had the lead in the immunity challenge in a head to head competition with his now arch nemesis, Boston Rob, but he could just not untie the last bouy and Rob ends up coming from behind to win immunity.

    In the end, Lex is voted out and I felt some respect for Lex because he went out like a man and did not turn back to the tribe and say something scornful to Rob.
  • Lex blindsighted!

    Lex got blindsighted by Rob and Amber
    Lex shouldn't had put his trust with those two people because of how manipulative they were
    As they would make it to the final two
    But the bad thing was that they should had gotten rid of Amber
    If you thought that Jerri was two-faced, where she was just a cakewalk compared to what Amber did.
    It is no wonder why anybody dislikes these two scumbs!
    I would rather not used the word hate as that's a mean word!