Season 9 Episode 7

Anger, Threats, Tears...and Coffee

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2004 on CBS

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  • Great again!

    Great to see Yasur turn things around. They are truly in this now - they did great at both challenges, and once again Rory proved that he is a true asset to the team!

    But I was really sad to see the vote against John K. He was one of the more likeable men in this game so I was hoping he'd go further. Very sad that they didn't work with him (the woemn) to talk about taking Chad out.

    Nonetheless, things will surely get interesting now!
  • Finally Yasur wins. Poor John K.

    I loved it when Yasur kept Rory in the game. There is a crack in the alliance. Ami knew she needed Rory, even she says Rory has put in a lot, he is like the strongest guy in the tribe. Finally, when Yasur wins, they won a very decent loving reward after their struggles. Rory did so much work and it has paid off. The love was so beautiful. A moment to remember. And in immunity, Rory conquered and he really deserved to stay. At Lopevi, Sarge said he could trust Julie and Twila, but really he should've trusted John K. I love John K still, he deserved to stay.
  • John K voted off!

    John K is voted off after being caught with taking
    More naps than he should be working and helping out
    His teammates. The tribe which Rory is the only male on
    The women and he win both the reward and the immunity
    Challenges and for once, though only briefly, there seems to be some bonding and some unity!