Season 20 Episode 15

Anything Could Happen

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 16, 2010 on CBS

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  • Poor ending to a great season...

    Russell was clearly the best player of the game; maybe he put too much trust in the intelligence of the jury (idiots). There is no other player in the history of Survivor that has played the game as good as Russell. The jury spoke of integrity; yet they couldn't admitt to themselves that Russell had truely out witted; out played; and out lasted the each of them. Finding idols without clues; getting the likes of Boston Rob, JT, and Dannielle off of the island clearly puts him in the lead as greatest survior of all time. I think the way the show has evolved in the past couple of seasons needs to be changed; as it appears that the jury is no longer honest with themselves in their voting and can't be relied on to truely choose the best player. People; get a clue; this is a game; lying, cheating, stealing (remember Rupert in his first game?) is how you play the game.

    Again, I repeat; idiots...
  • Lame winner for the best season ever!

    This was definitely the greatest season ever. However, the winner was a bit of a let down. Really Sandra won? I couldn't remember anything she'd done crazy except sneaking into everybody's conversation! She might be the winner but she's definitely not the most deserving to win. It should have been Parvati or Russell.

    All the Heroes voted for Sandra showed how incompetent and bitter they were. What a bunch of losers! Sandra didn't even vote with them to oust Russell. She kept on planning it yet at the end of the day she voted with the Villains. What a liar. Weren't they counting the votes when they were in the islands to have at least noticed that Sandra never ever voted with them!

    Parvati should have been the winner. She was loyal; She never flip flop alliance. She never back-stabbed anyone. She saved herself since day 1. Well, Russell giving her the HII saved her but it's Russell's decision to fall under her spell!

    This is such a disappointment along with The Amazing Race. Great season with undeserving, lousy winners.
  • The twentieth (and possibly the best) season ends with Russell getting a taste of his own medicine and losing the title of "Greatest Player in 'Survivor' History" to another veteran player.

    After a terrific season, I was expecting a little more for the finale. However it did not live up to expectations. Everything leading up to the final tribal council was very predictable. The episode started to get better right before the final Tribal Council. I couldn't stop laughing when Sandra threw Russell's hat into the fire. The sock burner gets the tables turned on him. The final tribal council was not as riveting as previous ones, but it was still enjoyable. The look on Russell's face and his demeanor as the final votes were read said more than 1000 words.
  • Glad that Russell didn't win!

    Well Russell really only cared about the title and not the money as Sandra was right on. Glad he didn't win for a second time. As he is a bully and deserved not to win. He is not just a bully on Survivor but in the game of life. Colby who disappointed everybody this season, was the last remaining hero to win. And Jerri I wanted to win, but didn't all because Russell won the last immunity challenge. Glad that neither he nor Parvati for that matter won. As the jury didn't give the money to a rich oil President. And Parvati was a lot more mean spirited than Russell. You have to feel for Sandra having a husband in the Afghanastan and only off for two weeks to see her win. Then having to go on back. Good for her.
  • America did Russell justice.As well as his fans. Sandra should be awarded "the dumbest move award" for not using her idol properly. Many thanks Russell for not changing your game.

    I'll start with Rupert. He says:"being manipulative, deceiving, lying person is very easy". Then he starts abusing Russ. What a sad character, and this guy got 1million dollars by fan vote.Makes me laugh. Takes skill to be a pathetic loser who can't save yourself, takes skill to vote someone who thrust a knife in your back thrice, takes skill to make the deal with the devil and then when he couldn't save you, blame him for you being a fail. This guy is a total loser. And he has shown his true face. This is why he lost the fan vote. Colby: "if you think luck doesn't play a part in all this , your delusional". He's right. How else could someone my dead grandmother could beat in challenges get to the final 5. Takes a lot of nerve to point fingers when your nothing but a meat body being dragged by other people so that he won't die alone.
    Parvati: "Russell was the dragon and instead of slaying him I kept him as my pet".Maybe she is right, but she wasn't better either. Being carried so bad by Russ, one would think she'd had some decency. But I don't think she ever had it. I keep my initial opinion, she'd sell everyone for the money, starting with the family.She was the abused wife, afraid to leave Russell after she showed her his strength.
    Danielle: Sad figure. She betrayed Russell and she has the nerve to feel offended by being disposed of.
    The most enjoying moment was Russell winning "Player of the Year". He deserved it. Rupert didn't.
    All in all, if I could say something to Russell I'd say he has to work more on his debating skill in a group. He should have fought more. OK we all knew he wouldn't win. But still he could have shown how false the arguments of the two persons that he carried to the end were.
    In the end I would just want to say that Sandra hasn't one bit of my respect. She's such a bad liar. "From the first moment I wanted to eliminate Russell". She actually had an opportunity to do it. She had the bloody idol for Gods sake. All she needed to do was to show Rupert the idol and everyone would have voted Russell.
    And she simply used it when she didn't had to.
    Thanks Russell for the most intense season ever.
  • Not the greatest of episoedes. I thought the outcome was pretty boring and I personally hthought the jury got it wrong. (Spoilers!!!)

    This was not a great ending to what has been an amazing and terrific season of Survivor. Before I proceed any further, let me just say that I have not seen any of the contestans play in previous seasons, other than Russell, so I do not have an opinion on any of them from beforehand.

    A very mediocre episode, because Colby was obsiously going to be sent home first, and I was rooting for Jerri, so that was a huge disappointemnt also!

    I thought the maze challenge was the best past of the whole episode, so I really enjoyed that, at least!

    I thought Parvati should've won. I don't believe Sandra has done much (other than slay the Dragon Slayer). She basically rode coattails all the way to the end, and I've watched two seasons now, and I have only seen coattail-riders win the prize, which frustrates me.

    I do like Sandra, but I don't think she is really fitting of the title of "Sole Survivor'. Anyways, it's been a great season, and I can't wait for more in Naicaragua!!!