Season 20 Episode 15

Anything Could Happen

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 16, 2010 on CBS

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  • Lame winner for the best season ever!

    This was definitely the greatest season ever. However, the winner was a bit of a let down. Really Sandra won? I couldn't remember anything she'd done crazy except sneaking into everybody's conversation! She might be the winner but she's definitely not the most deserving to win. It should have been Parvati or Russell.

    All the Heroes voted for Sandra showed how incompetent and bitter they were. What a bunch of losers! Sandra didn't even vote with them to oust Russell. She kept on planning it yet at the end of the day she voted with the Villains. What a liar. Weren't they counting the votes when they were in the islands to have at least noticed that Sandra never ever voted with them!

    Parvati should have been the winner. She was loyal; She never flip flop alliance. She never back-stabbed anyone. She saved herself since day 1. Well, Russell giving her the HII saved her but it's Russell's decision to fall under her spell!

    This is such a disappointment along with The Amazing Race. Great season with undeserving, lousy winners.
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