Season 17 Episode 7

Apple in the Garden of Eden

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2008 on CBS

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  • I liked Marcus, but I'm not disappointed by this outcome in many ways!

    It's long overdue for Fang to start owning this gaem, and there was a big twist tooday, with a Tribal SWAP and NOT and Tribal MERGE! That was quite unexpected! Will they ever merge!? We're already down to the single digits!

    THe throwing away of that idol was rather hilarious! It would've been even more funny if Marcus or Rand y had pocketed the idol before casting the bottle away, lol!

    The new tribes are really interesting, and Fang won to send Kota to Tribal. Things were really interesting - amazing how Marcus and Cyrstral knew somebody in rea l life - I'm surprised the casting crew didnt pick that up,, as two people who indirectly know each other in real life would be a HUGE threat to win the game by working together.

    As it happened, no alliance developed - nothing legitimate and real, at least. Susie was the swing vote, and she swung to Fang to blindside Marcus. I like Marcus, and am sad to see him go. I would've been happier if they had blindsided Bob instead. However, I am glad that Crystal and Kenny survive!

    Can't wait for the next episode! :)
  • Not since Thailand has there been suck a cast of people that i just don't care for.

    I'll start with this...Sugar is the stupidest contestant in Survivor history....wait...2nd stupidest. Micronesia's Erik holds that honor. Has she ever watched this show? She's cute and clueless. I'll go back to last episode, I know Ace was a snake, but he had your back. Who would you believe Ace who gave your idol back even when he didn't have to? Or a guy desperate to change the game in his favor? stupid stupid stupid. And tonight she finally figures it out that she was duped...DOH! OK, I got that off my chest, now on to 2nites episode. I have to admit as soon as I saw that box that they couldn't open till after the dinner I knew something was up, and I had a feeling they would switch tribes again. Which sucked since most of the people i could stand were on Kota tribe. Oh well, I guess it makes it more exciting. Once the immunity challenge started I knew "kota six" were screwed. No matter who won someone from their six were going home. I was glad it was wait..I wish it was Suzy, talk about a boring character. I'm just glad Ol' Bob is still around, and with the merge (hopefully) coming next week I think he can sneak back into the back ground.

    Reward: hopefully they merge..if not..Kota
    if so: none...they'll merge
    Immunity: hopefully they merge..if not...Kota
    if so: Matty

    Boot: Randy (I hate to say it...his time is limited)
  • I don't like crystal as it is. She's annoying, obnoxious and just a whiney person. For an olympic athlete she is sure weak. Bob and susie made a big mistake to vote out marcus. I loved marcus/charlie alliance.

    I don't like crystal as it is. She's annoying, obnoxious and just a whiney person. For an olympic athlete she is sure weak. Bob and susie made a big mistake to vote out marcus. I loved marcus and charlie alliance. This show has gone from good to worst in one episode. I was hoping that marcus or charlie would win. And also Randy pisses the hell out of me. He's a rude and judgemental person. I hope they vote out randy soon, i would never trust randy at all. I would rather keep matty than randy. As it seems to me that Randy would turn his back on an alliance very soon. that's why i don't trust him.
  • Susie flips and thank god she did. marcus is gone

    This is kind of fine. I mean The Fang tribe is down to 4 and now what happens? A feast is set and no merge occured just a switch. Matty and Sugar are on the outs and Marcus and Bob are on the outs. I can't imagine Susie would side with Crystal and Ken after not talking with them for so long. Aw well I don't care. They tossed the idol and that was a very bad move. Marcus who is the biggest threat is going to win but a twist spelled his fate and sent him home. Now Bob, is all alone.
  • Marcus thought he was the Kota god!

    Marcus got a taste of his own medicine you could say. He really got on everybody's nerves. First of all, Bob didn't vote him out. He voted out Kenny. But you should had saw the look on Bob's face. As Marcus got blindsided. Like Ace did last week. He really had a big mouth and a big ego like Ace. And throwing that immunity thing really was a bad mistake. That has come back to haunt Marcus in the end. Glad to see Fang win a challenge for once. After losing about seven or eight. Can't wait to see the look on the others faces. When Marcus is gone!
  • interesting twist

    So the teams were switched up again to be two even teams of five. Luckily, one team had three members in each tribe and had a strict plan to stick together to the end...however Susie had other plans. I think her best shot is to blindside Marcus because he was as strong, sneaky player. However, my favorite player is Bob and taking out Marcus is bad news for him... I hope Bob can make it a few more weeks. I also like Matty so I'm happy he's still in. Overall, very interesting episode with new alliances popping up. This season is finally getting interesting.