Season 14 Episode 9

Are We Gonna Live on Exile Island?!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ep 9: The tribes merge, and the Four Horsemen wreak havoc

    A week after Lisi is voted out, the tribes merge, but in a very convoluted and strange way. Basically, the tribes meet up at Exile Island to learn about the merge, and while they're gone, their camp at Moto is torn apart and removed, meaning when they return, they have to start over again. For people like Earl and Michelle, this is the third time they've had to do this. For others, like Boo and Cassandra, it's their first experience of classic Survivor gameplay. It's a cool twist and makes for a wake-up call.

    I also enjoyed watching Alex, Mookie and Edgardo actually play the game of Survivor and attempt to create discontent among other players. In a way, Earl and Yau Man are controlling things on one end, and Alex/Edgardo/Mookie are controlling things on the other. There are players stuck in the middle, like Stacy and Dreamz, who are sided with people but can easily switch. At one point, Mookie tells Dreamz about the hidden immunity idol he found, and Alex immediately freaks out. It shows exactly where Dreamz stands in their hierarchy.

    In the end, the attempts to create discontent are for naught, because the immunity challenge splits the ten remaining players into two tribes of five. The winning team, which features Earl and Yau Man, wins Immunity, but Michelle (who has been Earl's spy, in some ways) is stuck on the losing tribe. As a result, she's voted out, leaving Earl and Yau Man's alliance a little weaker. However, there are still plenty of potential floppers to exploit.

    Season 14 is starting to ramp up a little bit. I still think the beginning was extraordinarily misguided and resulted in me not caring about half of the people in the game, but we're at the point where things are likely to get interesting, especially with two hidden immunity idols floating around.
  • As we on.

    This series of Suvivor seems to have a neverending series of twists and turns in each episode. One thing I agree with is that the tribe has to start fresh and make their own camp. Those few that never had to sleep on the sand, now it's time to see if you can acutally survive. I like the merging, and I'm voting for Earl's alliance, but my vote will be for Yau Man. He is even better than most young, buff, guys. His figuring out the pole and hook showed us that he is smarter than most. I hope he does stay till the end. I was glad to see Michelle go, because of the way she and Lisi treated Cassandra and Dreamz. The game is getting interesting now.
  • Enough of a change to keep the contestants, and viewers, guessing.

    When a show is successful enough to stick around for 14 seasons, you can't expect it to follow the same old formula, since that gets boring and predictable, and the ratings go down. I was pleased that Survivor once again changed things up to keep the contestants on their toes. Granted, they didn't have any time to figure out who to vote out, but they made up for it during tribal council with their answers (like when Alex told Jeff he was voting for Michelle). The real surprise was Dreamz, who agreed with Mookie that Stacy would be a threat to them, but still voted for Michelle anyway, if for no other reason than to appease Alex going forward. The four horsemen are likely to self destruct soon, anyway, so maybe Earl will have other options for his alliance...

    I don't know what Mookie was thinking letting Dreamz in on the Immunity Idol find. The decision was unilateral, it infuriated Alex and Edguardo, and Dreamz has realized he can trust the alliance a little less than before. It will be quite interesting to see how the Immunity Idols get used, since the timing has changed completely. Mookie intends on using it for himself, but I don't think he's completely thought about what he'll have to do to do that. If I were to guess, I'd say it will leave the game at the same time that he does, unused. Will be interesting!
  • A episode worth watching.

    This show was one of the best that I have seen in awhile and that it has a few twists. One they will be living on Exile Island but what will happen now since they will be living on Exile Island and someone else gets sent well...somewhere else? Second the tribes have merged but they played in two separate tribes. The orange team won. Green team went to tribal council immadately as Michelle got a raw deal out of it. As they had no time to strategize.
  • I finally found an episode that was worthy of Survivor. The have and have nots in this and Apprentice I thought were really lame, now they all have nothing. The merge that was not quite a merge, intertesing.

    They set up some of the things in this episode well, from the previews to sending them all to Exile Island only to find they are going back to the old luxury camp. Everyone is happy, they can't wait to relax and do nothing until the next challenge. Plot twist, in the time they were gone, so was their camp. Starting over, they were beyond shocked, but go back to the Australian outback year when the team is coming back from a challenge to find their camp gone due to flooding. This one was a plot twist, the other was Mother Nature, and really poor camp location.
    The challenge/immunity was also a good twist, it made the teams random and by taking the losers right to tribal council put the players at a huge disadvantage, they could not plot and scheme. They took us all buy surprise.
    Dreamz is in big trouble, they knew he could not keep his mouth shut and next week it all depends if he is smart enough to switch sides or get voted out. But now everyone knows who has the one idol, only the audience and two others know who has the other. It might actually get interesting.
  • The tribes merge and half of the tribe wins immunity

    I hated it. I don’t like it when there are twists that make it so that a random person leaves. When they don’t get to talk about who they are getting rid of, it takes the whole strategy out of the game. They were practically in two tribes so there was no point in having the merge. They might as well have just divided them up into two new tribes. I think the people with immunity should have still gotten to vote. During the challenge I didn’t even know who to route for, and I was just trying to figure out who was on which team, and what would happen with the vote. It wasn’t till right before they went to commercial that I realized that Michelle was probably a goner. The one good point about the challenge was that we got to see Yaoman dominate in the challenge again. I also did not like the beginning of the episode. They tried to make us think they were not merging, then they were going to exile, and then they were going to live on the well off Motto. It didn’t really get me expecting the unexpected and I just wanted to see how it would end up. I am just glad that they did not have all the stuff on Motto because that would have been too easy. There was also no point in showing all the strategy stuff. Because the person who left was so random it was all pointless. I was also confused because I forgot who knew each other from the original tribes so I didn’t really know who they were already close too. I did like to see the four horse man develop and gain some control, even though there was less of them. Of course their name is just a rip off from the original horseman in Big Brother. I didn’t like this episode because it had a lot of pointless strategy talk and moving around for no reason. I guess I am biased though, because I did not want to see Michelle leave.
  • Nice twist on the first merge vote!

    This episode featured the merge of the two tribes and by the looks of things, at first, it was going to be a routine council.

    However, the immunity challenge resulted in 5 getting immunity and a meal with the other 5 going DIRECTLY to not pass go, do not collect strategy, so to speak.

    Even the person who was voted off was a bit of a surprise as Dreamz openly talked of voting off Stacey but his vote wasn't like that at all. Given the chats seen in this episode and the promos for the next one, he might get targeted quite quickly on the 'loose lips sink ships' theory.

    A good episode that definitely threw some of the castaways off track when it came to their merge planning. Good stuff!!
  • Pretty much an average survivor episode

    Pretty descent episode, pretty much saw everything coming from a mile away. Kinda angry Michelle was voted off, she was just so darn cute. It also kinda stirs up the alliance of Cassandra, Earl and Yauman. I really like their alliance, but whatever I guess. Yau-Man is pretty much a monster in every competition this one included, if it wasn't for his brains i'm not sure what would have happened to them. Next weeks episode looks pretty good, I'm predicting Dreamz gets angry at Mookie for getting pissed at him, and thus flops sides. Earl and Yau recruit Boo, and since Dreamz told them Mookie has the idol, they'll vote Mookie, and either he will use it and Boo is gone or he doesn't and he is gone, either way their idol is out of the game...but just my prediction
  • Review

    I have mixed feelings about this episode. I was very confused about randomly sending both teams to Exile Island, only to send them right back to Moto beach. But the producers of the show came through with the big twists that they needed time to destroy the luxery, which I thought was a well written in twist. The thing I didnt like is that over 30 minutes of the show focused on "The Four Horsemen" trying to weave there way into the strong six, but then it turned out that everything that was said didn't even matter as the tribes were once again split up. The challenege was fun to watch, though Im never a fan of combining the reward and immunity challenege into one challenege. I think the show always needs two challeneges to keep me entertained throughout the entire hour. Once the Orange Team lost, Tribal Council became boring to watch as well. I would have thought that the green team would have made a much better tribal council then the orange team. Overall, I think the Four Horsemen have the strength to carry themselevs to the final four, but Dreamz finding out about the Idol looks to be biting all four of them in the butt in the next episode as he begins to spill the beans. Overall, solid episode just nothing to write home about.