Season 13 Episode 13

Arranging a Hit

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

After a tumultuous tribal council, Jonathan reflects on being called a "rat" and a "cancer" by his tribemates. He admits that it doesn't feel good, but says he's just playing the game.

On Day 31, Parvati is chopping coconuts when she accidentally slices into her thumbnail. The Survivor medical team shows up and gives her stitches to close the wound. Parvati stays in the game.

At the reward challenge, Jeff reveals happy news: it's family visit time. One by one, each castaway is greeted to a visit from a loved one: Jonathan's wife; Yul's brother; Becky's sister; Ozzy's and Sundra's mothers; and Adam's and Parvati's fathers.

After hugs and kisses are exchanged, the loved ones stick around to compete in the challenge. Each castaway will fetch water from the shoreline and toss it into their loved one's bucket--while blindfolded. The first pair to fill up their bucket wins.

Much splashing and tossing follows, and Parvati and her dad win the challenge. Their reward is a feast on a nearby island, and they get to bring two other castaways and loved ones. Adam and his dad, along with Sundra and her mom, are chosen to come along. Meanwhile, Parvati sends Jonathan to Exile Island.

For the reward, Parvati, Adam, Sundra and their loved ones are greeted by a group of locals and take part in a religious ceremony, then go for a swim in the caves. Then they enjoy a picnic.

Back at camp, Ozzy, Yul, and Becky conspire to hide their food from their tribemates, claiming that the others didn't help them collect coconuts or catch fish. But when the reward winners return and give them leftovers from the picnic, the trio decides not to hide the food.

The immunity challenge is an obstacle course, requiring the castaways to run across boxes and barrels floating in the water, retrieve pieces of a pole, and put a pole together to retrieve a key. Ozzy dominates the challenge from start to finish, easily winning immunity.

Around camp, people are becoming more and more uncomfortable with Jonathan. Adam tells Yul, the leader of the Aitu alliance, that Yul will win a few jury votes if he gets rid of Jonathan next. Yul says he feels like the Godfather "arranging a hit" on someone.

Tribal council progresses much like the previous one did-- with Adam and Parvati continuing to bash Jonathan-- but this time, the Aitu alliance takes their side. Jonathan is unanimously voted out. "I'd like my hat back," are Jonathan's final words as he exits the game.