Season 13 Episode 13

Arranging a Hit

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ep 12: Parvati wins a challenge, Jonathan gets the boot

    It was only a matter of time before Jonathan was ousted. Yul is in a weird place right now. He is absolutely in control of the endgame right now, but if he goes against Becky or Sundra, who haven't really done anything except follow Yul's lead, are jury members going to recognize his smart game play or be annoyed that he got them voted out? Time will tell, but he takes on big step towards the final two: getting Jonathan gone.

    It all starts after Jonathan is exiled. While he's alone, Parvati and Adam approach the Aitu four and start convincing them that getting rid of Jonathan is the right move. And they're right. Jonathan is pretty annoying. I don't necessarily agree with Adam that he didn't deserve to be there, but does he deserve to win? Nope.

    At this point, Yul is in an odd situation. He has the hidden idol and he's whittling the numbers down, but he also still has Ozzy and Adam in the game, two people who can easily win Immunities. It'll be fun to see how Yul figures out his next moves.

    Other than Jonathan getting voted out, I found the episode sort of slow. Not much that was surprising or revealing.
  • Brilliant!

    So excited to see Jonathan Penner oustead! I am thrilled he is gone! I did not enjoy him in the last few eps and he screwed over the good guys!

    Really enjoyed seeing Parvati and her father winning! Great combinatio! A winning combination!

    And her father I think made the same reward choices that she would have! :P

    Overall, it was a great ep. Ozzy winning Immunity with such a huge lead was annoying and boring. Hopefully he goes home soon.

    Loking forward to this playing out with hopefully Paravti and Adam going further...
  • Finally that false and liar was voted out!

    I hate Jonathan since the beginning. And I hate Yul too. In the last episode when they were eating and didn't invite Adam, Parvati and Candace to eat too was just rude. I found Sundra so funny. She is absolutely the worst player now, and she still thinks she is the best. And Becky too. Let me break it to ya. If it weren't for Yul, you would have been gone a long time ago!
    Ozzy is so in the wrong tribe. The way he plays the game just shows that he is a simple and honest man. Not like the other ones from his tribe.
    I always loved the Raro tribe, and I love Parvati. I think she's a great player. Does anyone here likes Adam and Parvati? I can't seem to find a reason why people would prefer a liar (Jonathan), a total loser who does nothing (Sundra) a false and cocky person (Yul).
    Go Adam and Parvati! You may not win this game, but you will messed up the other tribe I'm sure!
  • Time with relatives and more food to eat

    It looked like Yul and Jonathan were getting along well during the first challenge even after someone had mentioned (I don't remember whom it was) that things were better with Jonathan on Exile Island. It seemed like the message was received by Adam about working or maybe since there was nobody to suck face with now that Candace was gone, what else was there to do but actually do some work??? I was sad to see Jonathan go before Adam or Pavarti. Wish I could have smacked Candace for her mouthing "good job" to those left behind. And Adam better wipe that sweat from his brow because I hope his a$$ is next.
  • This episode had it all, a twist on the loved ones episode, Jonathan going to Exile Island and finally being exiled from the show. Great.

    People have questioned Yul for last week showing the idol, but I think it was the wake up call the others needed. When the family members showed up and the twist on the challenge was shown it kept me watching. I normally tape the shows, and fast forward thru most of the boring parts, and in past years it was most of the episode, but this year has kept me watching. Then the second twist where the family member picks the others to come on the reward, good idea as it could have put members who do not like each other together to share.
    The fact that they all bonded when Jonathan was not around, was like, OK, get out the nail gun, Jonathan is in the coffin, and so it was at tribal council. This is going to be an interesting last 2 episodes, with 6 members still there, what is the finale going to be, a final 3, that is another new twist.
  • They shouldn't have voted off Johnathan.

    They should have kept Johnathan around. He would have been easy to beat in the final two. The immunity challenge was far too easy for Ozzy to win. The others really sucked at it. It was nice that they got to see their families. Tribal Council this episode would have been a great time to get rid of Adam because he is a big threat., He has already won immunity before. Yul played this one terribly. The preview for next week also showed that they might turn on Ozzy and that would suck. I have been rooting for Ozzy since the beginning.
  • Jonathan is finally gone!

    Jonathan is finally gone but really there are pros and
    Cons to him being gone. He brought too much tension and drama, which in a sense, I will miss. But he was very hard working, which I will miss as well, despite him being a jerk. Without him being around, while on exile island, it seems the tribe had some peace and hopefully that peace will stay with them now since he is long gone!