Season 13 Episode 13

Arranging a Hit

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on CBS

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  • This episode had it all, a twist on the loved ones episode, Jonathan going to Exile Island and finally being exiled from the show. Great.

    People have questioned Yul for last week showing the idol, but I think it was the wake up call the others needed. When the family members showed up and the twist on the challenge was shown it kept me watching. I normally tape the shows, and fast forward thru most of the boring parts, and in past years it was most of the episode, but this year has kept me watching. Then the second twist where the family member picks the others to come on the reward, good idea as it could have put members who do not like each other together to share.
    The fact that they all bonded when Jonathan was not around, was like, OK, get out the nail gun, Jonathan is in the coffin, and so it was at tribal council. This is going to be an interesting last 2 episodes, with 6 members still there, what is the finale going to be, a final 3, that is another new twist.