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Season 13 Episode 13

Arranging a Hit

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2006 on CBS

Episode Fan Reviews (7)

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  • Finally that false and liar was voted out!

    I hate Jonathan since the beginning. And I hate Yul too. In the last episode when they were eating and didn't invite Adam, Parvati and Candace to eat too was just rude. I found Sundra so funny. She is absolutely the worst player now, and she still thinks she is the best. And Becky too. Let me break it to ya. If it weren't for Yul, you would have been gone a long time ago!
    Ozzy is so in the wrong tribe. The way he plays the game just shows that he is a simple and honest man. Not like the other ones from his tribe.
    I always loved the Raro tribe, and I love Parvati. I think she's a great player. Does anyone here likes Adam and Parvati? I can't seem to find a reason why people would prefer a liar (Jonathan), a total loser who does nothing (Sundra) a false and cocky person (Yul).
    Go Adam and Parvati! You may not win this game, but you will messed up the other tribe I'm sure!
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