Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2002 on CBS
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The two tribes move to the same beach, but when they find out they're not merging into one tribe, a player realizes she has made a big mistake.

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  • Shi-Ann

    SA's betrayal got her voted out. And I guess that means that the rest of the ole tribe is doomed now. Pity, as Clark Kent was my fave.

    I liked Shi-Ann in a peculiar way. She was scheming and brutal, but had something...

    She only forgot the basics of Survivor. Be PATIENT. She could have stuck to her tribe, and THEN voted out Penny.

  • Fake merge

    Just when Shi-Ann thought that she would be merging and

    Trying to make deals with everybody from the other tribe

    Everybody else finds out that they aren't merging but just will be living on the same beach.

    In the end, it will cost Shi-Ann and she will be voted off shortly after this episode!
Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst


Brian Heidik

Brian Heidik

Himself (Season 5 - winner)

Robb Zbacnik

Robb Zbacnik

Himself (Season 5)

Ghandia Johnson

Ghandia Johnson

Herself (Season 5)

John Raymond

John Raymond

Himself (Season 5)

Ted Rogers (II)

Ted Rogers (II)

Himself (Season 5)

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    • Brian: I've got a very subtle form of leadership. It's very low key. It's very understated. I know exactly what's going on. For an hour or two I didn't last night but most of the time I do.

    • Shii Ann: I would say the entire tribe of Sook Jai, except for Jake and Ken, have done their best to socially ostracize me and, uhhh, basically torture me, you know..(laughs) the worse way, in a social way.

    • Brian: (referring to tribes living on same beach) Well, it's great to welcome everybody into my kingdom. I love opening up my house. Mi casa es tu casa. They're in my house now. I've already got the home court advantage.

    • Shii Ann: Ken was pretty upset about Penny's manipulative ways even though he knows that that's the way she is. He doesn't like it when the tables turn. Going into a merge, he's strong, he's gonna be a huge target.

    • Jeff: You said merger. (Erin nods) Well, I certainly didn't say anything to give you that impression, did I?

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    • The title refers to a fast one pulled by Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst, and the producers. Up to now, the "Survivor" tribes in each season have merged when the game is down to 10 members total. That's the way it certainly appeared when Jeff met both camps, told them to get together and get to know each other, and that they would both be occupying one camp. He never said the word "merge", though. Shii Ann, who was on the outs with her Sook Jai tribe anyway, decided to make friends with the Chuay Ghans, thinking that now they were all one tribe. Later, at the Immunity Challenge, she finds out they are not, and she is basically a dead duck.