Season 28 Episode 8

Bag of Tricks

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2014 on CBS

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  • The mighty alliance of six begins to crack as Tony turns against one of his own.

    Another solid episode of what is turning out to be a very good season. It was almost laughable watching Tony lecture everybody upon returning from the previous chapter's Tribal Council. What's even more laughable is Tony thinking he is in control of everything. Once again I have to say the episode ended with another very intense and thrilling Tribal Council. I hope the tribe members saw the jury's reaction when Tony lied to Jeff and said he was a construction worker. If they did, we all know who they will be gunning for next.
  • First decent episode but Tony isn't Russell.

    I can understand Tony's disturbance to him being proposed for elimination.

    But when all the members off the alliance reassure you, you don't go for LJ.

    You focus on finding the idol and being good in challenges.

    The difference between him and Russell is Russell was running his alliance he was the leader.

    Even when he voted Danielle, he did it not because he was proposed for elimination but because he lost his faith in her.

    Whereas here Tony just removed a close ally to feel better.
  • Wow, what a blindside.

    This was an intense and incredible episode of Survivor. I wasn't exactly happy about the person who went home, but I thoroughly enjoyed the drama. This shakes the game up again - maybe the three from Aparri are no longer on the bottom of the totem pole, or maybe this was just delaying the inevitable?

    So much drama, very interesting. Challenges were great as well - good on youk Tashs! Great win!

    All up a brilliant episode - outstanding. Can't wait to see how the rest of the season pans and plays out.