Season 12 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 04, 2006 on CBS

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  • Wow! Great!

    Extremely wowed lolz and this seaso is getting impressive at the end! A lot for a small episode, with the drama of the reward challenge and the delegation of certain people to certain rewards or lackthereof. I was surprised Terry didn't send Aras to Exile Islands to try to weaken him again, but it didn't matter.

    Terry's now guarantteed Final 3.

    I was sad to see Shane go. He's hilarious and he added a lot of comedy and a lot of drama to the wonderfully vibrant Casaaya fire. Was a good guy!

    But waht a setup - a final four with oen member of each of the otriginal tribes! Who will come out on top!?
  • Shane is finally reunited with Boston but is then voted out.

    I was happy to see that Shane was finally reunited with Boston. A great moment for the both of them but he is then voted out but what a way to go.
    Terry wins again and I thought it was a excellent choice to send Danielle to exile island. I think she should have allined with him last trible council.
    Aras is becoming very competitive against Terry and while it makes good viewing I do find it childish and very annoying. If the female tribe members were smart and could see in from the outside I would have got him off ages ago because he is such a physical threat and he is very well liked by most of them.
  • Why? Why? Why? My so-called predictions suck. Now, I don't know what's going to happen next.

    Terry's physical strength is unbeatable while Cirie's bright wit is unstoppable. Meanwhile, Danielle is riding on other people's coattails through multiple acts of betrayal and Aras is ticked at not being able to win a challenge against Terry. This 3-way alliance of Cirie, Danielle and Aras seems to be tight...or is it? I think Danielle is a bigger "flip-flop" than Senator John Kerry; she reminds me of Jerri from Season 2 (The Australian Outback). I can't believe Shane was voted out in a 3-1 vote. I thought Cirie swore on her kids' lives that she would NEVER vote Shane out and they would go all the way to the Final Three.
  • This show is getting pretty repetitive...

    I am a fan of this show. I think that Terry should win the money. The only thing that i am worried about is that Terry has been undefeated with all of the individual immunities. Eventually the people who come up with the challenges are going to find something that he isnt good at and he will have to give up the immunity idol(not that it matters. the show is coming to its end).Now that Shane is gone, i wonder who Terry will bring to the finals( if he wins the last immunity challenge).i mean the choices are wearing down. Everyone loves Cirie, Aras is very competitive, and Danielle had relashionships with some of the people on the jury. i wonder what he will do....
  • Terry wins both reward and immunity challenges; Danielle gets sent to Exile Island, Shane sent packing

    What a great episode! I'm actually surprised at how far Cirie has come, from the first merge of the 4 teams into 2, she was one of the first few on the chopping block, now she's coming up with strategy and building alliances. I hope she wins this season, she's certainly come a long way.

    I'm actually glad Shane got voted off, apart from the fact that he loves his son so much, the guy was starting to get a little irritating. At least he gets his sanity back as well as his nicotine.

    Terry's a machine, the guy keeps winning and winning, I think he's the biggest threat, not only in the challenges but also if he gets to the final two. The jury might vote for him to win the million just because he outlasted, outwitted and outplayed them all and he did not have any alliances to break, therefore not stepping on anyones toes. Then the whole Survivor car curse will be broken
  • Neener! Neener! Neener!

    I am so glad that Shane got voted off finally!
    This has been a dream come true for people that
    Hate him so much! He is with those villians of Richard
    Hatch, Jerri Manthey, and of course, who can forget, Jonny Fairplay!
    Shane was only "nice" when it came to talking about his
    Son Boston. Feel bad though if I had a dad that was wacko though!
  • So glad he got voted off. He deserved it.

    This week on Survivor it was Shane who got voted off. I was incertably happy that it was him that got voted off. I never liked him. I thought he was kind of a nut job.

    But even thought I did not like Shane, I was glad that Terry picked Shane and his son to go with him for the reward challange. I would have picked him too.

    Speeking of Terry. He won the immunity challange again! What is with him and winning everything? I think this is like the 5th or 6th time in a row that he has won induvidual immunity. Not to mention that he has won many of the award challenges. I hope they vote him off as soon as he does not win immunity. Oh yeah, I do not think that that hidden immunity item that Terry has is any use any more because they said you can not use it after the final four.
  • Shane got what he deserved

    I have been waiting almost all season long for shane to get what he deserved. He is one of the most annoying people they have had on there. From nearly the start he deserved to have his torch extinguished, but he Survived. Well now he is no more and I was so happy to see it. I have been a fan of Terry from early on and the cards have been against him for so long, he is closer and closer to winning and that would be so deserving in my eye. Anyone other than Arus should not win out of the final 4 (Other than Terry)
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