Season 20 Episode 7

Banana Etiquette

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2010 on CBS

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  • This was NOT scripted, just amazing gameplay by Russell and premature greed by Tyson. This is in direct response to the genius who calls him/herself fifty_games.

    First, there are additional clips of Survivor to be watched here:

    I highly recommend for all Survivor fans to watch these additional clips. They clarify matters, outline certain alliances, have funny moments, and also have the full tribal council and what everyone says, the full final words after someone is voted out, and a "day after" segment with the person recently voted out.

    Let me explain how this was NOT scripted, and why people like fifty_games should be banned from posting when they do not know the truth.

    First, Russell's move had GREAT risks for himself. He was that close to having gone home himself. But he knew if he just saved himself, he'd be one of the next to go, and thus concoted a masterplan.

    Here's what happened:
    Russell, Parvati and Danielle were in an alliance of 3. Rob, Tyson, Sandra and Courtney were in an alliance of 4.
    Jerri and Coach were "swing" votes, but Coach idolized Rob and wouldn't vote against him. More importantly, Coach was scared of Parvati and wanted her gone (even in the 1st episode where they got rid of Randy).
    The 6 of them decided to split their votes in order to force a 3-way tie (with Russell's 3 voting for Tyson). Then the idol would be played by one, and the other (Russell or Parvati) would be gone after the 2nd vote (it would be 5 votes against 1 at this point).

    Coach, Jerri and Courtney were to vote Parvati.
    Rob, Tyson and Sandra were to vote Russell.

    NO ONE thought Russell would actually give his Immunity Idol to Parvati, but even that's beside the point. Here's where the confusion for some lies and I'll now clarify it.

    Tyson, being the strategist he is, realized that if Parvati thought she was going home, instead of forcing a 3-way tie, she would flop her vote to Russell, ensuring he goes home. Furthermore, Danielle would join Parvati, thus placing 5 total votes on Russell, either sending him home, or forcing him to play his Idol.
    Tyson wanted to KEEP Russell's Idol because he had a sort-of alliance/good-will with Russell. He figured if he could save Russell, he'd be able to use the Idol with Russell in the future. They had some conversations that we aren't privy to, but ultimately I gather Tyson told Russell he needs to swap from him (Tyson) to Parvati, to make it a 4-3-2 vote (4 Parvati, 3 Russell, 2 Tyson), thus keeping his Idol. BUT, if the 2 Tyson votes (from Parvati and Danielle) got switched to Russell, which, and I quote, Tyson said "would be the wise move" from those girls wanting self-preservation (because they weren't totally sure Rob's group wouldn't throw them off and vote Danielle cause of the Idol [sort of like Edguardo from Fiji over Mookie and Alex]), well then Russell would have 5 votes, and Parvati 4. IF Russell played his Idol, Parvati would go home, naturally. But Tyson wanted the Idol safe. So he figured HE could take control of the game. 1) Boot Parvati by switching his vote, thus making it 5 Parvati, 4 Russell; 2) Gain Russell's loyalty and keep his Idol; 3) Still stay loyal to his alliance, while taking some control.
    All-in-all a good idea by Tyson, but just WAY too early in the game, considering his strong position. He should've stuck with the 3-3-3 plan, but then the Idol would be lost... It was a powerplay in his own right. But turned out to be premature greed. At least, as he said, he went out on his own terms.
    Furthermore, Tyson said that NO ONE, not his alliance, nor the producers, nor the cameramen, had ANY idea he was switching his vote to Parvati. He didn't even decide to do it until Tribal Council. THAT'S what makes Russell's move SO dangerous. He was that close to having been out of the game. Instead, it goes down as possibly the greatest move in Survivor history, turning the 6-person alliance vs. the 3-person alliance into chaos. Tyson, as later revealed, was clearly the glue that kept Rob and Coach, and that alliance, together. With him gone, the opportunity to turn Coach and Jerri to Russell's team's side now presents itself. ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE! This is why Russell is one of the best game players (though if he wants Jury votes he's got to wisen up).
    So in the end, Tyson switched his vote, but, more importantly, Parvati and Danielle stayed loyal to Russell, thus ensuring their long stay in this game. Had just one of them gone back on Russell (like Parvati to save herself), Russell would've been gone, the Idol would've been gone, and she'd be the next to go. We now see the POWER of keeping your word and alliances, something Russell Hantz CLEARLY understands. Now do you understand, zero_game?
    NOT scripted!
    Just takes some intelligence to figure out what's going on in this game.
  • Wow. Another crazy tribal council! Awesome episode too!

    This is one of the best tribal council ever. The episode itself is also awesome! I couldn't help but laugh when Tyson was voted out and Parvati said "what just happened?". And the look on Russell's face was hilarious. A genius move indeed! In times he couldn't think hard because of lack of sleep and food, he didn't fail to give a showdown last night. Rob was really really disappointed. I thought it's the end of the road for Parvati and Colby but not. I'm curious to see if Russell, Parvati and Danielle will survive the game. They are so out-numbered. I'm also eager to see if Russell will regret protecting Parvati. I've never seen that kind of charm in this game! It's a guaranteed spot next cycle and he decided to give it up, yet it paid off since Tyson was dumb enough to change his vote.

    I don't care if they recycle lots of challenges from the past seasons. It's how the players play the game that excites me! Honestly, this is the villains' game. They're aggressive and fun to watch. The heroes are kinda boring this time around. Though, I'm surprised to see James go, still they lack the spirit the villains have.
  • One of the episodes that makes me regret watching realities...All scripted

    Like really wtf. Its either Tyson is like the stupidest person in the world(Thing we've seen he's not previously), or this show is scripted. There is no logic that stands behind him flipping his vote. They were going 3 - 3 - 3. If russell was voting for Parvati, Parvati would go out. There was no logical reason for Tyson to flip his vote. If one of u gives me 1 Ill say that this show is not scripted and worth watching. They made it all to have suspense, and make it unpredictable.

    I shall explain. The 2 groups on the villains are 6 against 3. There is no way no way no way the 3 can win, unless they have 2 idols(impossible).
  • Two people go home! Rob vs Russell

    Rob vs Russell as I like Russell a lot more than I did in Samoa but love Rob more than I did in Marquesas and All-Stars 1! But the Heroes are really losing it as James is a cancer to the tribe. Hate for it that they got rid of Tom. Reward and Immunity Challenge combined with hot dogs and sodas on the line. Candace & Rob get immunity as each team had to play for individual and then Candace and Rob would be playing for their teams as both teams would have to vote out a member that night. Rob wins and gives his team hot dogs and drinks. But the night is far from over. Russell and Pavarti have an alliance but Russell has the idol and Rob the necklace. So the villians go to tribal council and Russell plays the idol but gives it to Pavarti who plays it. If Russell didn't give her the idol, she would be going home. But Tyson who's strength was a threat, was blindsided and voted out with 3-2, with Russell being the other two votes. James finally is gone and will not miss him. As he was such a jerk this time around. Hopefully the Heroes tribe will bring peace, quiet, and winning next time around!
  • All it was missing was one more challenge!

    This was a very interesting episode, in my opinion, but also quite a ridicluous one in what happens at the end.

    I thought the challenge was a very interesting one, and I loved watching it, but I was pretty surprised by Candice's vicvtory, and pretty disappointed by Rob's one.

    The scheming seemed to be at an all time low for this season, and both groups just seemed to have made their mands up in two seconds flat, but neither counccil turned out the way I expected.

    It was certainly a very shocking ending. I was ecstatic with the villain voted off, as Tyson was so stupid with the vote he did. I didn't like him at all, anyway!

    I was disappointed a little with James' departure, but I'm not too upset.

    Overall, and incredible episode, which I would highly recommend. It had it all, but I would've loved a second challenge. That's all it was missing, in my opiinion!
  • The Villains continue to dominate the game (yawn), but they have to cut someone loose anyway as both tribes head to Tribal Council in a rare double elimination. Rob thinks he has everything figured out, but he once again underestimates Russell.

    Most of this episode is more of the same. The Villains are mopping the floor with the Heroes. What makes this episode is the fighting between Rob and Russell and the terrific Tribal Council. The look on Rob's face when Russell gives the hidden immunity idol to Parvati is classic. Russell continues to show his excellent playing skills. On the Heroes side, it's nice to see them do what they should have done the previous time they were at Tribal Council and cut James loose. I only hope now that the Heroes will finally get their act together. I hope.
  • Impressive episode...Russell continues his incredible play.

    Honestly I think this is the second gratest episode in Survivor history...The first being when Russell is playing the idol to eliminate Kelly last season... Playing it as he did makes him an incredible player, best one by far...My guess is convinced Coach to vote for Parvati and he gave her the idol...Boston Rob was so lucky had he not won he'd be out...As it is a lot of work is still needed to clear the tribe of the useless people( Rob, Sandra etc.), because if they merge like this it will be an issue...It shouldn't be a problem to eliminate either in the next run if they loose, because Coach may bring some players from Rob's group and Russell has a serious change to find the idol...But I must say the best scene by far was when Russell played the idol...The whole scene delivery was incredible, first giving the impression he will use it then giving to Parvati...
    I also liked the look on Sandra's and Rob's face when they saw Parvati got 4 votes...Good move on voting Tyson not Sandra, because Sandra can't compete in challenges.
    Last but not least, Russell instinct that they were going to gun for Parvati was just out of this world. Pretty special player.