Season 11 Episode 1

Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2005 on CBS

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  • Great start! What a trek!

    Wow, what a terrific start to this season!

    The cast having to trek 11 miles in a race to get the good camp! That was just insane!!! Nakum were basically dead (at least th e men) by the time they got there, but at least they won the good camp, which could prove to be an awesome advantage as the game progresses.

    That's the long term. But in the short term, the Nakum tribe was just too lethargic to win Immunity. It was a shame, especially because I had taken a liking to the Nakum tribe from the beginning. But so far, there isn't anyone that I don't like, which is great!

    Guatemala - I have to say - is incredible! What a terrific location for a season of Survivor!!!

    Sorry to see Jim go! I think he could've been a graet competitor! :(

    But I hope that this season continues to go from strength to strenght, and I definitely look forward to next week!
  • BJ & Stephenie Back!

    I knew that Bobby Jon and Stephenie got invited back when in advertisements that on CBS, those two would be brought back.
    And I am glad that they were.
    They definately shook up things.
    As some members thought that they had played this game before.
    And would rob the other members of being well-known.
    Especially the sweetheart Stephenie.
    Too bad there weren't any African-Americans on here.
    Lack of diversity IMO!
  • This is why Survivor keeps getting better! Bringing back Stephanie and Bobby Jon.

    This is why Survivor keeps getting better! This season already has proven to be true to Survivor reality. The eleven mile hike for the eleventh season was great going back to the basics of Survivor. Then the winner of the hike gets the good camp. After seeing that tribe’s men laying flat on their backs was interesting. Giving Bobby Jon and Stephanie a chance to try again as full fledged members of the tribe was a different twist. I hope that all the episodes aren’t going to center on Stephanie and Bobby Jon. This episode was great but I want to get to know the other survivors as well!
  • Great New season

    WOW! This looks liek the most difficult survivor yet!. It was Great to see Bobby Jon and Steph back in action and I am glad they were made part of the game. I t seems as though the men are struggling however judging by last nights episode and the previews of the next one. I wonder if Blake has some sort of infection or badly embedded thorn from that tree branch???

    So far this season is off to a great start, adn the location is amazing. Hats off to survivor for changing it up a little again and renewing my interest int he game.
  • Bobby Jon and Stephanie give it another try. Is this an attempt to boost ratings or a vote of no confidence in the new batch of survivors? How about a little of both.

    The jungle and Mayan ruins are a great site for the show. The first big trek looked extremely tough. Usually on the first show, there are a couple of standouts who come to the forefront. Remember how Rupert established himself the first week a few seasons ago? Well, this season the focus was on the 2 returning players. I understand the concept of the 2nd chance, but I don't generally agree with it. Why couldn't they have been used as advisors or as Mayan "chief" leaders?
    The 2nd problem is in the past, Survivor has been somewhat of a melting pot reflective of American Society. This year, it is not that way so much. Having a former NFL quaterback seems like granting someone who has already had a shot another chance at his 15 minutes of fame. One of the attractions of the show is the common Joe is supposed to have a chance at it.
    These 2 gripes aside, it is Survivor. Bring on the tribal council and let's vote somebody off the island, er jungle, oh well...let's just get rid of some people.
  • Now they actually managed to make me surprised.

    Seeing Stephanie and Bobby Jon come back for this season was great, they did a great job in last season but were unfortunately in a weaker tribe. This season promises to be a joy to watch. A new scenary and a bunch of very different people promises to be a joy with a lot of popcorn in front of the telly.
  • Great beginings to a promising new season

    The opening of this season was GREAT!! Apparently "The Powers That Be", Aka TPTB, thought someone needed a second chance. I loved the way they immediately dumped everyone into a challenge. The first challenge, maybe in my opinion, the most brutal and difficult challenge that has ever taken place on Survivor. 11 mile trek overnight in the Guatemalan jungle; with no fire, no torches, and carrying all their supplies.

    Both teams were exhausted and it made for a pretty weak Immunity Challenge. But I think overall it was and excellent episode with some great new ideas and some great new people.

    Watch Rafe he is trixie.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to rid yourself of 'Survivor'...

    Ulongers are back. Bobby Jon and Stephenie return from the unenjoyable 'Palau' to play 'Guatemala'. I wasonce worried thinking, 'Will it get wasted when one of them is the first to go?' Um, no! Stephenie finally has possession of the immunity idol, and one-armed Jim is voted off. This is gonna be the greatest season since 'All-Stars'.
  • Guatemala\'s awesome!

    Let start off by asking a question. Why does it matter that there\'s no minorities on this season? They\'re still human beings for Christ\'s sake! Anyway, I think Guatemala\'s going to be a great season. I think adding BJ and Steph the way they did was pushing it a little, though I wish they would be rokle playing Mayan Gods the way the rumors went.
  • No African Americans on the show... Myself as well as my friends, will not be watching the show this season. We will tune in when the show represents the diaspora of American culture. We will boycott your show and sponsors.

    This is no good i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i.