Season 11 Episode 1

Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Excluding "Survivor: All-Stars", this is the first time that contestants from a previous season (Stephenie and Bobby Jon from "Palau") have been allowed to compete again in another season.

    • This is the first ever "Survivor" installment with no African-American males or females competing.

  • Quotes

    • Danni: We were really happy with Bobby Jon on our tribe. A man is just stronger than a woman is, and it makes it, you know, easy on the eyes around the tribe, so that's always a plus!

    • Jeff: (To Nakum) It seems like the dilemma for this tribe is how to give it your all without killing yourself.

    • Judd: I'm really starting to adapt to this jungle. Jungle Judd, right?

    • Jeff: For the first time, Steph, Survivor will have a Tribal Council that you will not be attending.

    • Margaret: These big strong guys, strong as oxes, are all down!

    • Bobby Jon: Palau was recess compared to Guatemala.

    • Cindy: It's a bittersweet victory. Because we won, we got there first, but some of us are in such bad shape. If we lose them, it's not even worth having all this stuff.

    • Jeff: This was a very close finish, but in Survivor, close gets you nothing.

    • Cindy: (About seeing Yaxha on the hike) It was like the movie Seabiscuit, where he sees his competition and he has to go faster.

    • Stephenie: I'm not starting off Gautemala on the losing team! This is terrible!

    • Judd: I'm just a freakin' doorman from New York! I've never even been camping!

    • Gary: If somebody does recognize me, I'm gonna say, that's not me. I'm Gary Hawkins.

    • Brandon: Being a farmer, the last time I hiked 11 miles was...never!

    • Jamie: (About Stephenie's Return) All the girls were cryin' because she is their hero. I didn't shed a tear, because I was thinkin', how am I gonna win a million dollars with her here?

    • Brianna: (Upon hearing the news of Stephenie's Return) I cried. I couldn't help but cry. She is such an inspiration to me.

    • Jeff: Waiting at camp are several tools the Mayans have used for years. To help you also are two other tools. Come on out, guys. (Stephenie and Bobby Jon emerge from the ruins).

    • Bobby Jon: I don't like being beat down so early in the game.

  • Notes

    • Nominations:

      - Outstanding Sound Mixing for Nonfiction Programming (Single or Multi-Camera)

      - Outstanding Sound Editing for Nonfiction Programming (Single or Multi-Camera)

      - Outstanding Cinematography for Nonfiction Programming - Multi-Camera Productions

    • All the votes read by Jeff Probst at Tribal Council were for Jim even though Jim cast a vote for Margaret, which wasn't read. Previously, this only happened before in the Survivor: Outback episode "The Gloves Come Off" when Kimmi was voted out.

    • This season began filming on June 27th, 2005.

    • This is the longest first challenge for the contestants ever to take place on Survivor.

    • Gary Hogeboom played 10 seasons in the NFL as a quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and Phoenix Cardinals. He joins Ted Rogers (football, Dallas Cowboys 1994 pre-season), Ethan Zohn (soccer), and Travis Sampson (wrestling) as "Survivor" contestants with professional sports on his/her resume.

    • This is the first season premiere not to include the deployment of the contestants onto the location.

    • Since Stephenie attended every Tribal Council on Survivor: Palau, this is the first time that she did not have to go to Tribal Council after an Immunity Challenge.

    • Jim is the first voted out of Guatemala.

    • This season was titled "Survivor: Guatemala" and given a subtitle of "The Maya Empire", making the complete title "Survivor: Guatemala - The Maya Empire".

  • Allusions

    • Cindy compares one moment during the hike to the Oscar-nominated film Seabiscuit, starring Tobey Maguire, when she says of a moment when both tribes see each other, "It was like the movie Seabiscuit, where he sees his competition and has to go faster." Seabiscuit focuses on a racing horse and was nominated for an Academy Award in 2004.

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