Season 11 Episode 13

Big Win, Big Decision, Big Mistake?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2005 on CBS

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  • Such asad episode! :(

    Really disappointed with how this one played out.

    No one can blame Cindy for keeping a car, especially as someone who has never ever owned a brand new car in their lives. She made the right decision.

    However, someone like Rafe is like 'I would've given it up in a heartbeat'. It's very easy to say that when you don't actually have a car to give away. Not so easwy to do that if you actually won the challenge.

    Immunity Challenge was not as good as Reward, but it was so suspenseful at the end! Stephenie was in tears after her first ever win! She deserved it!

    But I still think Stephenie's biggest downfaall is that she definitely betrayed anyboyd and everybody. I'd love for her to win more than anything, but sadly you can't play like this and expect to collect the million dollar cheque.

    Really sad that Cindy went! She was such an amazing contender and she deserved to go further! She'll be missed!

    I definitely hope Lydia or Rafe doesn't win. That would be devastating. And I don't think the jury will vote for Stephenie over any one of these people, so that leaves Danni. I hope the underdog can collect the money! It would be the perefect comeback story if she were to win!

    Good luck Danni and Stephenie!!! Can't wait to waitch the finale! :)