Season 26 Episode 8

Blindside Time

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2013 on CBS

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  • Blindside time!

    This episode featured a blindside that will be hard to forget! I really love Corinne but I hate everyone she was aligned with so I wan t to see that all crumble.

    I can't believe Cochran won Immunity! Although that challenge was gross to watch. Not fun.

    Lots of interesting developments at camp and ultimately a very interesting vote goes down!

    Can't wait for the next one!
  • As Gota and Bikal merge to form Enil Edam, Corrine thinks it's a good time to blindside somebody. She will soon regret her decision.

    I had the same problem with this episode as I have many "Survivor" episodes of the past. The fact that Corrinne kept saying over and over again that she was planning to blindside Phillip made it painfully obvious that she was going to be blindsided. Her reaction at Tribal Council was pretty funny I will admit, but aside from that I did not think much of this particular episode. It was nice to see the Fans regain a tiny bit of ground however, but the Favorites will take it back on the next episode. In order words, same old same old.
  • Above average episode...

    Finally the game is starting after multiple sessions of bore...

    Was actually impressed with Philip, he still runs his alliance even if barely...

    Corinne showed that although it might seem easy to play Survivor it actually to hard will lead to per the current episode I think the Malcolms alliance is he thinks he can still do something, from the scenes of the next episode, I honestly doubt with his idol...

    Alot of people think it's easy to win or get final 3, but this showed us it actually is am saying this because Corinne showed much skill, but it was useless.

    Also Cochran performance at the Immunity Challenge was great, his desire to stay is overwhelming.

    Dawn's interviews are quite clear about what will happen, her alliance will probably mean final 8(because Malcolm might play the idol).

    The next interesting bit might be at the final 4-5, where some heads might then known executions.