Season 27 Episode 1

Blood Is Thicker Than Anything

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 2013 on CBS

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  • The twenety seventh season begins with returning players facing off against a new type of opponent.

    When are we going to get an edition of "Survivor" with a new group of people? As is the case with every edition of the show where you have new players against veterans, the veterans have the upper hand for the beginning and never relinquish it. I think it's safe to say that the winner will be a returning player. I just hope it's not that moron Colton. After seeing just one episode I know this season will be a huge disappointment and be very predictable. Who among us did not think Colton was not going to go back to his old ways in a heartbeat. His crying and his speeches saying how promises he will be a much nicer guy could not be any more fake if he tried. To be fair, there are some positive things to say about this episode. I liked the idea of having the retuning players spend the night with their loved ones at the beginning. It helped make Jeff Probst's revelation that they will be competing against their loved ones all the more surprising. That was clever I will admit. However this does not look to be a good season. However I will tune in next week and beyond. After all, I could be wrong.
  • Can't handle colton

    Already Colton is turning on the tears? I can't handle this crap. I'll wait for next season.. outta here
  • Exceeded expectations. (Possible spoilers ahead)

    When I say 'exceeded expectations' I was expecting a very bad season, so that isn't saying much. I didn't like the idea of returnees and loved ones, because regardless of what they say, none of these people would vote their loved one off if they had the shot or choice, unless their last name was Hantz.

    Absolutely LOVING the Culpeppers. Monica is my favourite returnee pretty much! Brad seems likeable enough too.

    Absolutely HATED the first vote off twist thing. Can't believe goddess Candice is on Redemption Island for no reason... -_-

    Colton is as disgusting as usual with some despicable comments to Kat while rowing.

    We didn't even see Galang strategise, other than Monica talking to Colton about leaving One World behind them.

    My expectations were low for this episode, but it wasn't bad. Very upset that Candice (one of my favourite returnees) and Marissa (one of the most interesting looking loved ones) are already on Redemption Island, but hopefully at least one of them can work their way back in.