Season 12 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Very interesting.

    The main negative of th e episode is the tribes being shaken up already - I wish they had kept them as is for at least one or two more tribe rounds before switching them up.

    There are interesting bonds on the new tribes - with members of four original tribes coming to one and lots of alliances flying all over the place.

    It was weird how Aras and Shane just revealed everything and told Cirie and Melinda they were the next two to go. That was a bit bizarre.

    Nonetheless, I was a little disappointed to see Melinda go home. She was likeable enough, for sure.

    Looking forward to more!
  • I agree with previous reviews that merging the four tribes into two this early seemed a little premature. However, still a very interesting episode in its own right.

    So Jeff calls the tribes together and an old-fashioned school yard pick ensues, with Bruce being neglected. My first instinct was that Bruce was being sent home, ala Jonathan and Wanda from Survivor: Palau. How horrible would that be. But there was already Tribal Council, so it didn't seem to fit. No worries. He's Immune!
    He goes to Exile Island, skips Tribal Council and then joins the losing team after they vote out one of their own.
    Bruce gets 3 days on Exile Island. THREE DAYS to try and find the Hidden Immunity Idol. If he can find that, the power totally shifts to him. From being the only person not picked, to having a precious Idol would be quite a swing. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like he found it.

    So from 4 tribes of 4 from the premier, we're down to 2 tribes of 7 by the end of this episode.

    The new La Mina tribe consists of Austin, Dan, Misty, Nick, Ruth-Marie, Sally, and Terry.
    The new Casaya tribe consists of Aras, Bobby, Cirie, Courtney, Danielle, Melinda, and Shane. Casaya ends up losing Immunity, with Melinda going and Bruce replacing her.

    The interesting thing in this episode was watching Shane lock down a 4-person alliance as soon as they came back. He picked Aras and two of the younger women. That's a good balance of 2 men and 2 women. Apparently Bobby is on the outs already, and original tribemate Aras could care less. Interesting. On the other camp, each pair of original tribemates made an alliance with each other (Trish and Sally, Dan and Terry, Austin and Nick, with Ruth Marie being the odd one out due to Tina's elimination). Will be neat to see how this all plays out now that we have some loose original bonds (or not).

    Another fascinating thing was crazy Shane asking to be voted off because he was in one of his moods. His alliance-mates knew this would be horrible for them (a 3-person alliance being much weaker than a 4-person alliance, especially in a 7-person tribe), and, especially Aras, convinced him to stay. Which he did.

    Shane was quite rude/upfront to Melinda and Cirie (the Older Women), telling them that whichever one didn't go tonight would go at the next tribal council. If I had a penny for everytime I hear that in Survivor...
  • Survivor Exile Island Melinda was voted off tonight and Shane is a mental case...

    First off, I dont like the 4 group merge into 2 so fast in the game. Why change the format of the game only to put it back to the original format so soon. This added no enhancement to the show in my opinion. Only confusion for the viewer.

    Shane, IS bi-polar. One minute he wants to go, the next he wants to stay. He sobs, then hes happy. Up down, up down. But at least he is interesting to watch! Which is something. He plays the game all wrong obviously. I agree that he should have kept his mouth shut about the team feeling like crap going into the challenge. And again he should have keep quiet as to not reveal the 4 man alliance he was in. What a moron - idiot.

    Even more surprising than Shanes mental instability was the fact that they still voted out Melinda. Common, "I want to go" I hate it here, 5 minutes later; "I was wrong and changed my mind". You DONT change your mind, or you get voted out. Period. No faltering, or your done. Why the 4 women did not realign at that moment is beyond me. Melinda and Cirie should have jumped on this opening and ran with it. Instead they cried "Were scr=w=ed". Ya you are if you sit and play the game like that. Take charge, make new alliances -- BENEFIT from Shanes mess up. Yesh. Wimpy cast.

    Yes! It is a dreadfully boring cast! Truth is aside from Lumber Jill who was voted off last time and Shane, we have a very uninteresting mix of people -- yawn. And this season does not have my full attention as did the previous ones.

    My predictions are that this season will continue to disappoint. Despite the enhanced rules with the hidden Immunity Idol, and the twist of the last chosen last night, or whatever fun new show rule surprises they may come up with. The cast itself has all the earmarks of low ratings and failure. The casting directors for the show should be fired.
  • Should I stay or should I go? Happens every season.

    As we have seen in the past at the end of the season we will see people say about their experience on the show that they were nothing like what they saw on TV. We'll hear, "Well, they edited that stuff out to make me look like a bad guy."

    I'm telling you what, there is no editing with Shane. He is a whiny annoying person. Who needs to go. Granted there is always a part of me that likes to see people who beg to get voted off, stay. Just to stick it to them. You go through the whole process to get out there and then trip out. Has anyone ever painted their day to day experience as this glorious existence? Dude, wake up.

    Maybe he should consider that by staying as long as possible he might become a better person for it and lose some of those bad habits that are making it so rough for him now. When he leaves the game eventually he will, as many do, look back and say his life was changed and his does things differently. I think his statement said it all about being a 12 year old in a 30 something body.(pretty sure he said that.)

  • Tribes merge already? Very disappointing

    Damn the tribes have merged into 2 already after one trible council!
    This is very disappointing as I would love to have seen what would have happened if they stayed four tribes for a bit longer. I think this was far too soon!

    Bruce is cool, such a happy spirit. A bit of a pitty he couldn\'t get a fire going on Exile Island.

    Shane is a pain in the BUM! He should have got voted off seen as he asked to be. I don\'t care that he changed his mind!

    I was not surprised that Melinda got voted off, she was very quiet and didn\'t seem to fit into the survivor mode.
  • Who killed Survivor?

    I've been a big Survivor fan, but so far the 12th installment makes me yawn. The whole exile island thing is, well... lame. What's the purpose? They make somebody miserable by sticking them on a small island with no supplies, but in the end, they show nothing to the viewers. Whoopee.

    The contestants don't seem nearly as likeable, are more gullible and the concept falls flat this time around. Despite having bought previous series on DVD, I'm considering not even watching more of this one. Something significant needs to happen, or there will be no survivor... they've managed to out-bore, out-trite and out-cast themselves. Yawn. The formula has been tampered with in a BAD way.
  • Shane wants to get voted off and Melinda gets voted off.

    The challenge with the boat seemed tough. Shane wants to get voted off because he has not eaten or dranken in three days(I think). He also says he usually smokes three packs a day. Melinda got voted off. Melinda got 4 votes and Shane got 2. Just an average episode.
  • The merge happened too soon.

    Ah, what can I say about the "Breakdown" episode? Well, first off, I felt that the merge of the four tribles to two happened way too soon, it would have been nice to see four tribes for a few more episodes. But no, the castaways had to pick and choose the new tribe members as if they were picking teams in a school yard.

    The next thing that I didn't like about this episode was Shane. That man has gotten on my nerves since he first started complaining about not being able to smoke in the previous episode. However, that little constant complaining about not being able smoke and the way he was constantly flip-flopping about wanting to stay and wanting to quit, just so he can go eat a huge meal, smoke, and see his kid made me want to jump inside my tv and smack him around a little bit and tell him that if he didn't want to be on the show, he shouldn't have tried out for the show. Also what I didn't like about him happened after the merge. He was saying how much he loved the game since he was now with younger people and then saying how much he hated the game and how their camp was horrible. What a way for your tribe mates to believe what you say there buddy.

    However, the one thing that I really liked about this episode was how Bruce didn't leave when he wasn't picked, he was just sent to exile island and took the place of the voted off member of the tribe (Melinda) at TC. I found that part pretty interesting.

    In all, I didn't find this episode to be as entertaining and adventurous as last week's episode, but it was still alright.
  • Beginnings... aaaaah.

    I beleive this was an eventful episode.

    Yes, we've seen flip flopping before, someone wanting to quite and then changing their mind. We've also seen people who are blatant about their strategy and open to the people they're going to vote off.

    But...Shane is a completely different animal. Securing his foursome before they really got to know him was a wonderful stroke...but, those team-mates will be thinking a lot about the choices they've made after his surprise tribal council admission.

    And, on the other side of the world, we actually get to see some pay off from the tribes of four. three different sets of two. One set obviously in the middle of a power play...and it's already the second episode.

    Hmm, I like the idea of Exile Island...I'm hoping it does start to play a bigger role in the game.

    Overall, though not a huge major plot moving episode, it is truly a solid episode with some great momentum starting decisions and events.

    I'm looking forward to this.
  • Nothing big happened!

    Nothing big happened at all
    You just saw the tribes become two.
    At least my dream is coming true.
    That the older women alliance are breaking up.
    Or formerally known as that.
    Because if they were with Tina, they would had won a few challenges.
    But no, they got rid of their strongest one.
    I am tickled that Bruce won't be leaving at all.
    Since I hope that he sticks around a bit more.
  • Alright, I suppose

    Person wants to quit- they don't. Seen it before.

    What is meant to be an emotional and twisting turning episode falls flat. Shane is making my head hurt with his flip-flopping. And if I were some of those tribe people, I'd be nervous sleeping near him. And while I should feel bad that people who want to be there are getting kicked out-- I don't. Yes, it's unfair, but ah well.

    The twists weren't very twistful for us, but I suppose they were for the tribe members.

    Perhaps now though with greater numbers in the tribes, the backstabbing and alliance shifting will begin.
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