Season 12 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Survivor Exile Island Melinda was voted off tonight and Shane is a mental case...

    First off, I dont like the 4 group merge into 2 so fast in the game. Why change the format of the game only to put it back to the original format so soon. This added no enhancement to the show in my opinion. Only confusion for the viewer.

    Shane, IS bi-polar. One minute he wants to go, the next he wants to stay. He sobs, then hes happy. Up down, up down. But at least he is interesting to watch! Which is something. He plays the game all wrong obviously. I agree that he should have kept his mouth shut about the team feeling like crap going into the challenge. And again he should have keep quiet as to not reveal the 4 man alliance he was in. What a moron - idiot.

    Even more surprising than Shanes mental instability was the fact that they still voted out Melinda. Common, "I want to go" I hate it here, 5 minutes later; "I was wrong and changed my mind". You DONT change your mind, or you get voted out. Period. No faltering, or your done. Why the 4 women did not realign at that moment is beyond me. Melinda and Cirie should have jumped on this opening and ran with it. Instead they cried "Were scr=w=ed". Ya you are if you sit and play the game like that. Take charge, make new alliances -- BENEFIT from Shanes mess up. Yesh. Wimpy cast.

    Yes! It is a dreadfully boring cast! Truth is aside from Lumber Jill who was voted off last time and Shane, we have a very uninteresting mix of people -- yawn. And this season does not have my full attention as did the previous ones.

    My predictions are that this season will continue to disappoint. Despite the enhanced rules with the hidden Immunity Idol, and the twist of the last chosen last night, or whatever fun new show rule surprises they may come up with. The cast itself has all the earmarks of low ratings and failure. The casting directors for the show should be fired.