Season 24 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • Most shocking Survivor moment ever

    Normally something as interesting and shocking as this never happens. This helps make One World the most interesting season in quite a long time. Colton, as much as everyone hates him, is now a bigger villain than Russell Hantz and Pagong finally loses their status as stupidest tribe in the game. Manano may have done the dumbest move of all time and it will be hard for an episode to top this.
  • After losing their third straight challenge, Manano gets back on track and wins immunity only to do something beyond stupid.

    I was routing for Manano from the start of the game. Now I hope Salani flattens them like roadkill. I was frustrated beyond all belief when the men decided to give up immunity. As other reviews have pointed out, we have seen from previous seasons of "Survivor" that giving up immunity has always resulted in the kiss of death. Why Manano thinks it will be different this time is beyond me. Not only is Manano stupid they are a bunch of gutless cowards. It is unbelievable how they are instantly cowtowing to that prejudice piece of crap Colton's every demand. The way he treated Bill was horrible. It's too bad they can't kick that bigot scumbag out of the game for that. I was so disgusted in fact I actually considered never watching "Survivor" again. However I decided against that because it will be a lot of fun to see Manano go down in flames.
  • JT just lost the title of 'Most Stupid Survivor Move Ever'.

    Wow, I cannot believe the stupiddity of the Manono tribe. They are insane. Have you not seen what happened in the past when someone gives away (Individual) Immunity-? It never works out, so why should this be any different.

    They went from a 2-person advantage to equal numbers.

    What's more is that Colton is a disgusting, vile, repulsive bigot, and his comments towards Bill were absolutely disgusting to listen to. He is just repulsive. He needs t go. And soon.

    The preview for next week made me think a tribal swap might be happening.If the men hadn't gone to Tribal, they could potentially have a 4-3 numbers advantage on both of the tribes, assuming that my prediction of a swap is accurate.Now they will probably end up with a 4-3 advantage on one tribe and a 4-3 disadvantage on the other, and they could be wiped out fast.

    I certainly hope that the women can continue to excel. One of them has to win. Otherwise this will be a terrible season. The only man left which I like is Leif.

    Can't wait to see the ramifications of this move. Hopefully Colton will be sent packing as soon as possible.
  • That's a first...I lol'd.

    This Colton dude is something special...He will either destroy his entire Tribe or crush the girls...In my opinion they shouldn't have gone to Tribal...Never give up Immunity, never ever ever unless you are Russell Hantz and know what you're doing...They did...Because Colton is impulsive and because old timers such as Troyzan and Tarzan didn't do a damn thing...If experience doesn't speak up this is what happens...What Lief did was stupid but what Bill did was even worse...He should have tried to convince others not to go to Tribal...Instead he thought Lief was going home and was trying to back-stab him aswell ...Bill got what he deserved...

    I see a lot of people not liking Colton...and you can't blame them because he isn't thinking straight sometimes...But gamewise he is worth watching...I think he is an Edge to the men's team and can advance his alliance to the merge at least...He is constantly surrounding himself with people who hate this girls and bullies them...That's smart because at the merge they won't see it coming...This reminds me of Russell and Parvati destroying the heroes on the merge...Think Colton realizes that he can't be part of the girl's alliance so this will only make him more focused on destroying them...

    As for the loss of Bill, I don't think he is an *above average* type of player and easily replaceable.
  • WHAT!!!!!!!!

    Are you serious?? Man I like this season, but this episode just really upset me. I've been going for the men, but after volunteering to go to tribal council I just don't know anymore...I mean the main guys alliance had numbers and could of just waited to vote Bill off the next time they lost immunity. Hell they could of even thrown the next immunity challenge to vote him off, at least this way you have one more player than the girls. Idiots. Just following Colton to their demise. I hope they can redeem themselves, but at this point the girls deserve to win.....
  • This season is so pathetic......

    Men why are you letting the flaming pit hang onto the idol...make this arrogant a** play it how stupid are you ? I would say pretty damn stupid... going to tribal ... omg