Season 28 Episode 10

Chaos Is My Friend

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2014 on CBS

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  • Really good!

    I really love Jefra but she was never going to win, and I am all while upset, I am also ok with this, because it was really interesting.

    Auction was a fun time as usual. I enjoyed it and Trishs' food spam.

    I would like Woo out fast - the rest are all quite ok in their own way.

    Interesting round... can't wait to see what is netx...
  • The ep in which Tony makes it to the final four two episodes early!

    Yep, Tony's in the final four unless he does something incredibly foolish and doesn't play his 2nd idol when they get down to five players. He'll play one next week, one the week after and bam - easy final four. This is why I HATE the super powered idol. That said, this season has been a blast to watch! Tony is a force of nature to be reckoned with no doubt - but Spencer and Tash have hung in there week after week defying all odds to the point where one of them WILL win the game if either makes it to the jury. But back to Tony - not only did he make it to the final four tonight, he also lost the game tonight. There was no need to vote out Jeffra. NONE. Not only did he get rid of the one player you actually did want to be sitting beside at the jury (well her and Kass would have been ideal) - he was already a lock for the final four - he knew he was safe tonight, and still has his two idols to play over the next two tribals no matter who he voted out! And in addition to that, he's now pissed off the rest of his alliance royally. Huge mistake by Tony. Huge. I think Tony's only hope now is to take Kass and Woo to the jury with him if he wins final immunity. Or maybe Kass and Trish since Woo is pretty likable. Can't wait to see how final 3 eps play out. Also - the finale will not be on a Sunday this year! It will air at its normal time on Wednesday, May 21st!
  • Difficult choice made by Tony

    Also being a Russel Hantz fan I agree with DERBEST, Tony did good with taking out Jefra, however, it was a very risky move. If Tony can't get the two Woman from his Alliance back onto his side he could have either potentially put his head on the chopping block or possibly ended up in the final with Spencer and Tasha, which would probably lose him the game. If Tony can use his social game now to get the woman back on his side then he will probably win the game. I also want to congratulate Spencer on his good social game this episode, he did well in sowing doubt into Tony's mind, while I think Tony made a potentially game winning move this episode, I don't feel like he made it for the right reasons, he was scared of a potential all woman's alliance, and I believe that's why he voted out Jefra, not the right reason...
  • Good move made by Tony:)

    As a Russell Hantz fan I can say he righted one of Russell's mistakes. That is in taking a cute girl to the final 3. This way if he ends up with Trish and Hwang he will win it for sure.

    This guy really plays the game and I am sure he deserves to win with one disclaimer.

    As long as he managed to outlast Latasha who is very good in challenges.

    Last episodes should be fun to watch. Go Tony!