Season 26 Episode 11

Come Over To The Dark Side

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • Love it

    This season of survivor has been awesome. Sad the eye candy had to leave. He really could have one this. I missed tonight's episode because I had a house full of family. Waiting till its posts on the sight. Im so curious as to what happens next!!
  • Ding Dong the Wizard is Dead

    Tickles me every time some fancies himself in control of the game, Poof... they're booted. Glad to see Malcolm gone. Wise decision by Sherri. Had she flipped the 3 Amigos wouldn't trust her. Besides the other two were against her on the original tribe. Is my memory fuzzy or were Malcolm and Andrea on the same season of Survivor before? Why didn't Malcolm strike a deal with Andrea at the stand-off at the site of the immunity idol. Obviously she knew why he was there so why not cut a deal and look for the thing. Sherri stands a better chance if she stick with Stealth-are-Us crowd. They will splinter soon and she could come out ahead in the resulting power struggle. I'm not sure why some people don't like Andrea or why she's targeted so often. Cochran knows he's not a power at immunity challenges so he's just hamming it up and being sarcastic about him being an immunity monster. Now the game is wide open and those two amigos need to split up. They're no good together.
  • Bye Bye Survivor Caramoan!

    That's it! I will not tune in any more this season of Survivor. I was absolutely devastated to see Malcolm go. Sherri, what are you thinking? You are at the bottom of your alliance, you have absolutely no shots at winning any don't understand why she did not flip. I detest Andrea and it seems she is the one calling the shots now, despite what Cockroach You only won that last challenge cause you had a huge advantage, you suck at challenges man!

    Big respect to Malcolm for playing two seasons in a row! Hopefully we can see more of you in further seasons of Survivor!

    Now hoping for next season to be all NEW players

  • Spectacular!

    I was so happy with this episode and the outcome of it! Really really happy! I'm thrilled that my least favourite player is gone. I really liked Malcolm last season but this time he's been arrogant and a little dumb, to be frank. It hasn't been good.

    The IC was great! Cochran's advantage was very much the difference! I love how he is somehow the immunity god!

    Andrea's showdown was EPIC! I hope I see that again! So funny!

    All up, a superb episode!