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Wednesday 8:00 PM on CBS
The finale for Season 35 airs Wednesday, December 20...a fact I've passed along to the staff here at TV.com. Now, whether they choose to add the episode to the guide in time is beyond me...I've been fighting and pleading for timely updates to this guide since they took away my ability to do so. It's a weary process that I'm growing tired of doing. It's a top rated CBS show that is getting a lot of contempt/disdain by staff here. It's not a hate of reality shows (DWTS and Bachelor, for example, get more attention than ever deserved) but something else...

Anyhow, I'll post here again after the finale airs...maybe the ep will be added by then.
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Dec 21, 2017
So finale aired and has yet to be added to the guide...sigh..

As for the finale itself, honestly, I thought it was a hot mess at the end. Final 4, Immunity is won and the reward for that is...she got to pick one person guaranteed to go Final Tribal with the others doing a fire making challenge. That was..wrong, to me. Others may disagree though.
As for the reunion, that was a mess and then some. Did Jeff talk to anyone besides Ben aside from pimping for next season? Ugly...
Ben was a good winner, I guess. Onto to season 36 :)