Season 28 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2014 on CBS

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  • The tribes wills are tested when a tremendous monsoon hits. The Brains struggle to get back on track.

    Since I have seen it before I don't know why I find myself enjoying episodes where the castaways seem to be pushed to the limit in some way. Not that I take any delight in their misfortune, but for some reason or another it makes for very good episodes. That aside it was nice to see the Brains tribe finally get their act together and win. Not that I am routing for them, but I felt some good news better come their way before they all go bats--- crazy. This episode ended with yet another great Tribal Council. In the early season of "Survivor" you vary rarely saw feelings and emotions come to the surface. Now in the last few season it has been happening quite a bit. I will say it makes "Survivor" all the more enjoyable.
  • This season has been very promising!

    Another very interesting episode of Survivor Cagayan as the Luzon tribe trie ot bounce back after consecutive defeats and being down in numbers.

    The lack of a Reward Challenge was somewhat disappointing but the various scenes that we got around the various camps made things vey interesting enough and the Immunity challenge was great with Solana having a huge lead and then buckling.

    The season has been brilliant so far, and the splitting of votes is also something I really like to see since it brings so much drama.

    My favourites remain Sarah, Trish and Jefra and I am hopeful that they can all do well! Next week looks highly promising! Very happy so far!
  • elimination 3

    For once they didn't spend much time with the contestant who got voted off, which was surprising considering how much Brice was talking last week. Either he was just a repetitive stereotype that didn't make for good tv, or the producers are concentrating on the competitors who will be going much further.
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