Season 1 Episode 10

Crack In The Alliance

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 02, 2000 on CBS

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  • Gervase's Last Stand

    Since Gervase gets eliminated in this episode, this episode seems to focus on him. For the only time he seems to be in trouble, Richard wins immunity and thwarts plans to get rid of him. People don't always appreciate the genius that he is. But Gervase gets news from outside the game. I'm not sure why this is the only time I know of (in 30 seasons as of this review) where any contestant still in the game receives news about the outside world. He's voted out after causing too much competition in the game. Having seen the season, it can be a bit hard to believe that it took this long before his elimination actually happened and it was for being too strong and not being a problem. But we'll see Gervase later on a future season.
  • Good pepisode.

    This was a good episode with interesting developments such as the fallout from Sean's alphabet voting strateg y and the cracks in the Tagi alliance.

    I loved how Gervase and Colleen called themselves 'Bullseye./Target' and 'Sitting Duck' respectively, complete with masking tape artwork! :P That was gold!

    Would love to see Rich or Rudy go home. They are both vile, but in very different ways. Poor Colleen is just a sitting duck and I hope that somehow she isn't the next to go.

    Great that Gervase was the one who won the phone call and congratulations on his baby!
  • In this episode Gervase learns that his bay was born. And Gervase also gets voted out.

    The episode started with Sean realizing that Tagi had an alliance and decides not to vote alphabetically anymore. Later Gervase learns that his son was born. At the reward challenge, Gervase won a slice of pizza and a phone call home. He called his girlfriend to see how his baby is doing. At the immunity challenge,they had to light a fire that would burn through a rope and Rich won immunity. Before tribal council, Kelly contemplated voting what her heart told her and not what Rich and Sue told her to vote for. Rich got suspicious and talked to Kelly who said she was still with them. Eventually Kelly stayed loyal and voted Gervase off. This was an average episode because the outcome was too predictable.
  • Sean should had known better

    I think Sean should had known better than to send
    Jenna packing and that he was a real jerk and felt
    Very, very, bad over sending Jenna to the jury and
    To be honest, he should had felt bad as Jeff Probst
    Asked him back at camp about his strategy as he would
    Now plan to vote on his concious from here on out
    What concious do you not have Dr Sean I mean goodness sakes!!
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