Season 11 Episode 5

Crocs, Cowboys and City Slickers

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2005 on CBS
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At Nakum camp, Judd and Margaret have a heated debate about Judd's decision to vote with the former Yaxha members. Later, the pressure of a challenge loss falls on Jamie when he, given the responsibility of completing the first of three tasks in the reward challenge, is blown out of the water by Yaxha's Brandon. The reward that he single-handedly loses for his team turns out to be a phenomenal one that allows the winners to actually swim in the ocean - it is a croc-proof deck. While hanging around the deck, the Yaxha tribe begins to grow weary of Blake's fantastical stories and arrogant attitude, and Nakum's constant losses bring Stephenie to tears. Though rather sullen, Nakum pulls through with a win when it comes to the Immunity Challenge, thanks to challenge star Lydia, and at Yaxha's tribal council, Blake's attitude catches up with him as some of his old tribemates turn on him and vote him off of the island.moreless

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  • Loads of people that I'm no longer liking after this episode... :/

    well after this episode, there are loads of people I don't like. At Nakum, I find Lydia quite weidr, but I really dislike Judd. Meanwhile at Nakum, I don't like Gary or Brian at all, I'm not liking Bobby Jon and I don't like Brandon either.

    Poor Stephenie is suffering from losing a few too many times! I feel sorry for her, as it has gotten beyond ridiculous for her! She' s a great player though!

    I enjoyued both challenges a lot, but particularly the Immunity, which was really fun t o watch, and a real fun concept with the catapult! It was well designed!

    Tribal was interesting. With the amount of emphasis on Brian getting rid of Blake in this episode, and with the amount of portrayal of Blake in a negative light, I thought that it was almost inevitable that he was leaving. I didn't particularly dislike him, so I'm not particularly happy about the outcome, but I am intrigued to see what will happen next!moreless
  • Golden Boy gets kicked out!

    Blake just seemed to love to brag about himself IMO

    He acted as though he was rich as well as

    Also had a bunch of girlfriends. Do you all think Amy

    Really had a crush on him or just was playing around

    With him. Guy really acted like a total jerk and should

    Just had kept his mouth shut!
  • What a great episode! The Golden Boy went down in flames and Stephanie is showing her true colors (and they aren't pretty)!

    Ok, so my fiance lives in Kentucky and we LOVE Survivor. He just so happened to be visiting last week and we were able to watch Survivor together for only the second time. What an awesome episode to share with a fellow Survivor fan. Where do I even begin?

    That first challenge was a COMPLETE and UTTER blowout. It was actually kind of painful to watch but my favorite team, Yaxha, won so I'm not too upset. Brandon rocked that knife and I think he single-handedly won that challenge for his team. Or maybe Jamie single-handedly lost it for his. I guess you can look at it either way. Brandon has emerged as one of the most athletic and *gasp* honest players. I like his chances of making it to the final four so don't mess that up Brandon!

    Alright this was a great episode for those of us who knew all along that Blake was an idiot pretty boy. I loved how he ran his mouth all the way to tribal council. I think the tribe made an awesome choice voting for Blake, but perhaps not the wisest. This could play out very interestingly...I hope Brandon and Bobby Jon stick together. I was surprised to see that Bobby Jon also voted for Golden Boy. Hopefully that won't tick off Brandon. Good-bye Golden Boy!

    When did Brian become the comedian??? His comic relief was priceless. I was laughing so hard when he said "You may be Golden Boy, but I'm platinum." My fiance thinks Brian will make it to the top I think he might be right. Way to go Brian...Bait Blake worked like a charm!

    Let's face it, the Nakum tribe won that last challenge because Lydia did the "pancake" for them. If she hadn't lightened the mood, they would never have been able to win that challenge. Maybe she just saved herself from the next elimination which is great...I can't wait to see more of her dancing skills.

    Ok, last order of business. What is with Stephanie?? Last season, I admired her and felt like she was worthy of that 1 million. Now, I hope she gets voted out SOON. She is getting on my nerves with her incessant whining and complaining. Not to mention she's not that great at interacting with others. She's not really buddy-buddy with anyone except maybe Jamie and I wouldnt' call that a close friendship. I'm rooting for Bobby Jon, sorry Steph!

    Well that wraps up this fine episode. Tune in this week so you can see who gets crushed by that big ball. And no more Golden Boy! Woohoo!moreless
  • Just remember, if you have a lot of airtime, and your not being portrayed in a flattering light, get ready for a torch snuff - the tribe has spoken!

    That Brian is much smarter than I took him for. It takes a good player to shine a light away from themselves. In fact Fireman Tom is the only one in recent memory to actually draw the spotlight and make it to the end. Of course, he could back up everything. So good for Brian. I don’t think he’ll win, but way to stick around another week.

    So Blake, got his second wind, and couldn't shut up about it. Survivor seems to zero in on a crew of people who have no idea how others perceive them. The sense of "I'm the Greatest" probably draws contestants to the show, but they don't know when to stop. That is why my new pick for the end is Gary. He's working very hard at being the invisible man at camp. I'm sure that is the attraction for Bobby Jon and Brandon to change their votes.

    My new final four - Gary, Bobby Jon, Brandon, and Danni. I like Steph, but I 've lost confidence in her ability to lead.moreless
  • Blabber Mouth!

    Very educational, didn't know there were pills that could make you breasts grow bigger! Thanks for that info Blake! Some of the comments from the others in this episode were also quite interesting, like Steph calling the others girlies, whinging to the max, proclaiming that she will not cry, just before the inevitable does. Lydia had some interesting antics and Jamie is getting damn obnoxious! Will be intersting to see Bobby John and Jamie face off next week (did anyone see Jamie put his hand in front of Brian's mouth when he was trying to motivate them the other week? Also like how they intersperse Jud with the howler monkey!moreless
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    • Steph: Bobby Jon gets so gay when he wins.

    • Brian: (Casting a vote for Blake) You may be Golden Boy, but I'm platinum.

    • Brian: (About Blake) He's just digging himself into a hole, and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure he's got a shovel.

    • Brian: Blake is such an idiot, he's making himself look like such a pretty boy, a frat boy, a wealthy boy -- it's great. I have a new favorite game out here - "Bait Blake." I'm trying to make sure he tells all his stories around people like Danni and Bobby Jon so they see what a moron Blake is.

    • Lydia: We need a little bit of energy this morning, don't you think?
      Jamie: Yeah, but you look like you're having a seizure.

    • Brian: Our tribe is a very religious tribe: we say grace before very meal, we pray before every challenge, we thank Jesus for everything. I'm not a religious person at all, but I'm not going to object to it; that'd be stupid. You'd be stupid to say, like, "Uh, you know what guys, I don't want to thank Jesus for this meal, but thanks," because then they'd vote me right out. That's dumb.

    • Stephenie: Jamie is a cocky kind of guy and he was like, 'I can cut rope with a rock no problem.' He gets in there and gets his ass kicked by a 22-year-old farm boy who saws through it in 30 seconds! I am pissed and can't go through this again.

    • Amy: I didn't know beetles could fly!
      Brian: (Mocking her) They're magical beetles here!

    • Judd: (To Margaret) I don't give a flying rat's ass what people think about me after this game... as long as my wife, my daughter, and my family love me, that's all that matters to me.

    • Stephenie: I am so fricken tired of Tribal Council. I don't ever wanna go there again.

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