Season 23 Episode 12

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Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2011 on CBS

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  • The two veteran players show they are the masters of their respective territories. Ozzy once again triumphs at Redemption Island and continues to build his confidence. Coach, though he denies it, is the true leader of Te Tuna.


    This season has been one of the weakest seasons of Survivor to date. The main reason is the episodes are way too predictable and seem very unoriginal. It could not have been more obvious that Cochran would be heading to Redemption Island from the second this episode began. The Upolu alliance does not want to turn on each other unless they are forced to. I knew they would hold off the inevitable for as long as they could. Though Ozzy is doing a great job at Redemption Island, he is getting way too confident. That can prove to be his downfall at the next Redemption Island duel (Though I hope it isn't because I hate Cochran.). Finally, how stupid is Alan? I knew immediately that Cochran was lying when he told the tribe his birthday was coming up in two days. I'm sure all of you did too.

  • Accurate elimination.


    I must say this season has proven a disappointment for me...While last season was worst because Russell was voted out, thus by giving Boston Rob a free win, this season wasn't a lot better...Due to Ozzy who demonstrated his an average leader...Praise him all you want for his individual capabilities, but as an organizer, as a tribe leader, Coach dominates him hard...That's why Savaii was fully eliminated...

    In connection with the Cochran elimination, I fully support it...While a few episodes ago I was arguing he might be a good choice for the final 3, his behaviour made me change my mind...Like Albert, Sophie and Edna, they are all planners, and could prove dangerous to be brought in the final 3...

    About the next episode I think Edna will go, even though the scenes from the next episodes showed that Brandon has problems...Personally I think Brandon and Rick are above optimal to be brought in the final 3, because they are loyal and potentially wouldn't gather many votes...Moreover, Brandon has the capacity to defeat Ozzy in a strength challenge, let's not forget that Ozzy might return yet again from Redemption Island...

  • Interesting series of events and some awful moves by several castaways. (Spoilers ahead!)


    Well, this episode marks the beginning of the battle between the 'Upolu + Cochran' Family! There were some interesting aspects of this episode, such as the Immunity Chalenge. I enjoyed this challenge, as it was made up of various previous challenges. It would've been nice to see Ricks win the challenge as he has done very little in the rest of the game.

    I thought Albert giving his spa away to Cochran was an interesting move. Albert is playing a smart game, a s he is gathering trust and liking from the peopel who are being voted out, and possibly gaining jury votes.

    However, I didn't agree with the decision to send Cochran home, unless your name is Sophie, Brandon or Albert. Coach should've teamed up with Edna and Cochran and perhaps Rick in order to kick off Sophie. I'm sure Edna, Cochran and Rick would all remain intensely loyal to Coach and none would be a jury threat. Brandon is impossible to work with and Albert and Sophie are the only people who present a somewhat legitimate threat to Coach in my opinion.

    I hope Edna sticks around further. I don't like the way Coach is approaching the remainder of this game, even though he has played brilliantly up to this point.

    As fro Redemption Island, it was intensely disappointing to see Dawn and Whitney lose out. Ozzy is so unbelievably arrogant, and perhaps losing to Cochran next week would be the wake-up call that he so desperately needs!

    Can't wait for the next episode!

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