Season 26 Episode 9

Cut Off The Head Of The Snake

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2013 on CBS

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  • try to kill a three headed snake.

    I loved this episode. I think Phillip talking about "certain people" thinking they had the numbers is what set Malcolm to worrying. I was worried he wouldn't see it. He may have guessed the wrong name of the person they were targetting, but clearly he read the situation right and the Stealth R Us alliance is over. And Reynolds will see that he can trust Malcolm. And Malcolm found a way to play an idol without actually playing HIS idol. Brilliant.

    And congrats to the editing team. I was convinced it was Malolm who was going home, until the last count, whne I was certain he was playing his idol too and Andrea was going home. The suspense was amazing.

    And I loved to see Brenda win another challenge. She did well her first time out, and I grew to like her while she was holding on for dear life in the game then, so it was good to she she hasn't lost that edge.

    This show is like the Corleone family. Everytime I think I'm out, everytime I think I'm done with it.... they pull me back in.

    I love it.
  • Survivor feels like ole' times

    This feels like the ole' Survivor; complete with the bug-eating challenge back on again. No one dominant player and potential cut throat from everywhere. Happy for Brenda winning this challenge. Andrea panicked when told she was the target. Screwed up everything. Brilliant editing tonight to throw off the audience. But something is missing. Why did Malcolm think he was the target? Someone said something to him and they never showed it. Did Philip say something to make him thing so? They had me fooled when Malcolm declared he was the target and they all seemed surprised and dejected when he played the idol. In the preview for next episode it seems like Dawn is falling apart at the seams. Wonder if she had the same meal Brandon had. I know she was stressed when Andrea panicked, threatening to undo all the good work she put in to mislead Malcolm. Nobody can say Survivor is boring and predictable. I take back what I said about Cochran being arrogant. When seen in context tonight he was right to have that opinion.
  • WOW! (Possible

    This episode showcased the brilliance of my favourite castaway Andrea Boehlke! :D She is so amazing and so brilliant in this episode!

    Nice to see the Immunity Challenge from Micronesia back. Not sure if they have don e it on any other seasons, but it is a good one!

    Complete dominaation by my two favourite girls!!!

    I'm also really loving Dawn this season! She is so fierce and so much better than last time!

    Tribal Council was really intense! The mind games worked! Andrea's last minute switch was spectacular!!!

    Can't find a wa y to wait for a whole week, but somehow I have to... I can't wait for more Andrea-domination!!! :)