Season 23 Episode 9

Cut Throat

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2011 on CBS
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The merged tribe return from Tribal and everyone from Cochran 's former tribe, confront him in anger about voting out one of their own. This allows the former Upolu tribe to take Cochran under their wing.

Before the next Tribal Council, the former Savaii members are outnumbered and Ozzy knows he may be the next to be voted out. But then, Jim approaches Ozzy with a plan to save him and persuade the others to vote out Cochran

The next morning, Ozzy enjoys fishing during his stay on Redemption Island while the merged tribe meets for another Immunity Challenge. During the challenge, Cochran and the former Upolu members send a message to the others by sitting the challenge out and enjoy baked goods. Afterwards, Jim knows he is the next to go and pleads his case to Sophie and Albert, but Albert and Coach feel like Dawn could potentially be more dangerous.

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  • The former Upolu members quickly take control of the game. The former Savaii members just wait for the inevitable to happen.

    I never thought I would say this about Survivor but I have just one word for this episode: boring. Now that the former Upolu members have a solid lock on the game, the suspense and surprise which help make Survivor the great show that it is, will disappear. Coach and the rest of Upolu are now becoming arrogant and unbelievably annoying. It does not look to get any better here. It's almost not worth watching for the rest of the season. However I will stay with it for the duration. I have no doubt that Ozzy will not be the sole survivor. How do I know this? Because he has repeatedly boasted that he will be. I am not a gambling man, but if I were, I would bet everything that he loses at Redemption Island. If not in the next episode, then one afterwards.moreless
  • Exceptional episode...Everything turned out better than anticipated for Upolu...

    There was one reason why Russell has so much fans...He managed to get top 4 with his tribe even while outnumber...You just don't see this anymore...Everyone from Original Savaii is like accepting their fate once they lost the merge Tribal Council Vote...The best they can do is hope they can somehow win Immunity and survive... I don't understand why they don't look for the bloody Idol, seriously how hard is it?Had Russell led Savaii they would have been really far ahead...On a lighter note , I agreed with some of the Upolu who said Dawn is dangerous...I checked her vote and she voted for Ozzy...I reckon she considers herself as one of the alliance because she and Cochran are close... I was disappointed with Jim who said he would give Immunity to Ozzy then failed to do so..One can argue that he saw the Upolu reaction for removing Cochran and decided to stay but he should have known he'd be next...Things turned out perfectly...Keith, Ozzy and Jim will be battling on Redemption Island for just one spot, which means Ozzy has a 33.33% chance to survive it...

    Strategy: The hard part is starting...The danger from Savaii is pretty much over, now Coach has to clean his tribe and this will be the toughest thing in winning because some people might take it personal...For Coach everything seems to be going great..To great actually...He is maybe starting to grow overconfident which is bad...And the fact of him having the idol makes it worse...It was shown here when he chose to feast rather than compete...Where is Lead by Example Coach?Sooner or later he will have a big problem on his hands...I'm thinking Albert or Cochran or even Edna might turn...His task is made even harder due to the fact that he likes to give the impression of playing the game honorably and thus he can just eliminate someone for no reason because he wouldn't be able to justify it...His only chance is to start assessing who is the most dangerous then find a way to get him/her out..

    As it appears right now, to win, I would see Coach in a top 3 with Brandon and Cochran because it wouldn't be an issue for him to get 51% of the votes.moreless
  • Terrific episode - things are getting terrific! (Spoilers ahead._)

    This was a very good episode if, like me, you detest everything about Savaii. I still cannot believe Jim's tirade about Cochran backstabbing the tribe and how he 'would never do anything like that' - who was it that instigated the plot to eliminate Elyse? What a filthy hypocrite - I cannot stand that guy at all.

    The first Immunity Challenge was rather boring for me. I didn't like it and it wasn't entertaining. However, it was spectacular to see Ozzy kicked ooff in the First Round - I enjoyed that thoroughly! So then Jim wins and it is a straightforward vote at Tribal Council. What's more is that Jim told Ozzy that he would give his necklace but didn't do so - I hated him even more after that...

    I think Ozzy is exceptionally overconfident and supremely arrogant. I think it would be hilarious if he were to lose the first Redemption Island - might give him a wake up call...

    As for the second Immunity Challenge, it was great to see Upolu feasting out. I would've liked to see Dawn win it, but Whitney did, and I like her also, even though I didn't like her comments towards Cochran.

    Jim comes up with some stupid plot to get Sophie and Albert to jump ship. Quite pathetic really. And so, finally, after 24 days, Jim is FINALLY sent to Redemption Island and I could not be happier, as I can't stand anything about that guy.

    Redemption Island should be quite interesting next week - Keith vs Ozzy vs Jim - I'll be hoping Jim goes home, although Ozzy leaving would be a nice wake up call and perhaps bring him closer to earth. I like Keith best of these three, although I'm not a fan of him either.

    In my opinion, Coach has got a perfect road ahead. He can take either Edna, Brandon or Cochran with him to the Final Three, and whichever it is - neither is going to get any votes. Edna will be seen as 'weak' by the jury (although I disagree - Upolu won four out of four challenges in which Edna participated and lost three out of three challenges in which she did not participate). Brandon has had a few too many blow-ups at Tribal Council - I really like him, but I don't envisage other castaways voting for him. Also, Cochran stood on a lot of Savaii toes, and Savaii are never going to vote for him and hand him a million dollars.

    All Coach has to do is get rid of Albert and Sophie and then worry about who will come back from Redemption Island and get rid of that person. Once that is taken care of, Rick, Brandon, Edna and Cochran are all going to be loyal to him, and none of them are likely to attract any votes. It's Coach's game to lose right now.

    All up, this was a spectacular episode! Things couldn't have possibly worked out any beter, and I hope that things continue like this next week!moreless

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