Season 19 Episode 13

Damage Control

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2009 on CBS

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  • Foa Foa's clasp tightens!

    In another very interesting episode, this time, two people are sent home in an episode featuring two Immunity Challenges and two Tribal Councils.

    I thought that both the Immunity Challenges were interesting. The bowling was a good challenge to watch, and the second one was really tricky!

    I also thought that Foa Foa made two good decisions at the Tribal Councils, eliminating Dave and Monica, firmly tightening their control. This was really interesting to see!

    Once again, I have to reiterate how stupid Galu was in eliminating Erik and losing control, and they've paid the price, with just two of their tribe left standing.

    Overall, a thoroughly entertaining episode. It was quite predictable in terms of the outcome, but still, really interesting to see alliances develop and Foa Foa tighten their grip! I highly recommend this!
  • Russell keeps Foa Foa in stride.

    Russell at least he is doing one thing, and that he is keeping Foa Foa together. And knocking out the Galu tribe. There is not just one, but two double whammies. And it comes in the form of two tribal councils. As Dave is the first man to get voted out. And that Shambo is glad as she couldn't stand him at all. And then, Monica gets voted out. Because she stirred up a lot of trouble. But despite not liking Monica, she helped find a crack in the Foa Foa alliance. And that she found out that Russell is indeed a millionaire. Monica needs to tell all of those jurors that are there, or are going to be there. Not to vote for Russell, or the others would be dumb to give him the money. Since he is set for life.
  • Russell starts seeing the situation as it is, dangerous for him. At the same time he starts to trust people who are questionable.

    So the producers of Survivor saw it was episode 13 and 8 were left so they decided to skip on rewards and shorten the season. Two people are eliminated.
    To be honest, it was a bit boring, with the exceptions of the scenes where eliminations were decided.
    Russell realises that his situation is very unfortunate because after they reach top 3, no idol can offer him immunity. I am starting to think that only a miracle could save him. He played the game to much and now everyone is targeting him.
    Yes 2 Galu are eliminated, but at the same time everyone from Foa-Foa(and in game with expection of maybe Shambo) mistrust him and plans his demise.
    Like Jaison...Scenes from next episodes showed or gave the appearance that Russ will start to trust Jaison, which is a huge mistake. That guy is only in for himself, and should be eliminated if Bret wins immunity again.
    As for him showing his idol, to be honest it was a great move, paralyzed everyone.
  • Russell continues his strangle hold on the game. Shambo continues to think that it is her, and not Russell, in control of the game.

    One of the major drawbacks of having a player as good as Russell on the show is that it makes the game very predictable. From the second the two immunity challenges were over I knew who was going to be voted out. While the four members of Foa Foa deserve a lot of credit for turning Galu against each other, there was no surprises at all for the second consecutive episode. In fact, the game has become so predicatble that I guarantee you that Brett will be voted out next, them Shambo and then Natalie. Jaison and Russell face off.
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