Season 25 Episode 8

Dead Man Walking

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • haha!

    one of the best episodes I have ever seen! explosion at tribal and wrong person, but deserving person went home!
  • Now that Jonathan has used his immunity idol, Jeff sets his sights on voting him out. Elsewhere Lisa makes what could be a costly error.

    As I have said in a previous review the hidden immunity idol is a great idea for "Survivor". Never before has the idol been such a game changer as it is this season. It's going to be very interesting how the rest of the season plays out now that it has been revealed that Abi and Malcolm have the two remaining hidden immunity idols. The one criticism I have of this episode is from the way Jeff was talking about cutting Jonathan loose, it could not have been more obvious that Jonathan would win immunity and Jeff would be called for jury duty. However Tribal Council was beyond excellent. Lisa in my opinion made a critical error at Tribal Council revealing far more than she should have. No doubt it will come back to haunt her. I can hardly wait! Jeff's crybaby rant after he was voted off not only made me happy he was dumped, but also made me happy that the San Francisco Giants went on to win two World Series without him.
  • Possibly the best episode of the season (so far)

    (Note: The forums are being finicky so I was unable to upload my recap, hence the 3 thumbs down. Thankfully, I found a loophole around it.)

    I'm not huge on recapping/reviewing reality shows, mostly because just watching them alone is a waste of time, but man this was a Survivor episode that lived up to the hype and then some! So much sh*t hit the fan this week, I don't even know where to begin. Among many other developments, this episode brought us a revenge mission via Penner (always a plus in my book), Lisa scheming on the offensive for the first time (with mixed results), a hilariously blunt comment from Carter (is there any other kind?), and Abi making possibly the worst move of her game so far, and that's saying something! But to avoid missing out on anything, let's start from the top...

    After returning from an enlightening Tribal Council, would-be jury member Penner knows he's on the outs with his original Kalabaw alliance. Some members are straightforward with him (Denise, who with each passing episode I hope more and more makes it to the end), others pull excuses out of their ass (Jeff Kent, a baseball analogy won't help you out of this predicament), and one simply stares off blankly into the night sky (I'll let you figure this one out). As much as I don't care for returning players sticking around until the very end of every season, I'm always a supporter of players who are hell bent on fighting with a vendetta against those who betrayed them (even if it comes in the form of an Alan Alda sound-a-like).

    Enter shortened credit sequence, an early indication that this episode will have plenty for us to witness.

    While trying out a new look with Penner's bowler hat, Lisa divulges that she may be interested in forming an alliance with the tribe's main target as she wouldn't mind getting rid of the threesome consisting of Abi, Artis, and Pete - had RC stuck around, I could've referred to this group as the AARP and had a smaller word count. Time will tell if the "former teen star" will execute this plan, or continue kissing her former tribe members' "behinees" as she likes to classify it.

    Now for the Reward Challenge. I have to admit, this felt way more action packed than the Immunity Challenge - after all, haven't we seen enough knots this season? The teams (Skupin, Abi, Carter, Artis, and Peter vs. Jeff, Malcolm, Penner, Lisa, & Denise) were well-matched and there were several moments throughout where each group looked as if they would claim victory. The biggest discoveries of the challenge: Lisa isn't a strong swimmer and Skupin's fear of goggles cost his team a lot of time. I fully expected Artis to go into another long rant about how Skupin is the worst thing that ever happened to Survivor but instead the usually cranky curmudgeon tells us he's fine with eating rice and beans for another 19 days. Alrighty then, gramps, we'll see if you're feeling the same when the rice portions begin to dwindle again

    For the rest of my recap, check out
  • Epic!

    I seriously don't recall a tribal council as epically revealing as this one. I always wonder what it is that makes them spill secrets - I can understand Lisa telling Pete but Pete spilling all to Malcolm? But that just started the best sequence of events ever!

    I think Abi's arrogance is going to get her sooner (fingers crossed) rather than later. Revealing she has a hidden immunity idol was just plain stupid on her part.

    Lisa, loved her up until now. She naively still believes in her "alliance" even though Abi literally gave her a verbal slap in the face. Seriously WTF Lisa?

    I was sad to see Jeff voted out. He was definitely my favorite but I'm holding out hope for Denise, Malcolm, Carter and Penner.
  • Damn nice episode...Finally it's starting...

    This season has been disappointing but for one factor...It has all been very fragmented, no real clear alliance, everyone double talking...

    Congratz to Penner for winning immunity, I wasn't expecting it...

    What I observed this season is people no longer act as robots when they are in an alliance...Example: last episode Skupin didn't voted with RC and Penner, or this episode where Penner didn't voted with Jeff...

    As for Jeff's elimination. he got what he deserved...Rarely have I seen a bigger turncoat...If one checks his reasoning, its incredible...As long as Penner gets eliminated before him, it's okay to go...I mean WTF, this guy has been successful at what he did and yet instead of playing this game cool and intending to win all he can do is turn on his alliance...Karma is a ...

    Smart thing to do with showing idols then not playing them...

    As for the next with Jeff's departure things might settle, and we might see some alliances although Penner is in big trouble, mostly due to not having an alliance and people wanting him out asap.
  • Wow, this season is absolutely incredible so far. (Possible spoilers ahead.)

    Wow, here we have another incredible episode! About seven or eight different names came up to be voted off after the Immunity Challenge took an interesting turn! Literally had no idea what was going to happen!

    I just love Lisa - she is playing all the sides and I'd love to see her go really far! She's just brilliant!

    Can't believe all the idol revealing at Tribal - I Think this is just insanity! And I can't believe poeple flipped and swapped like crazy - it was just completely unpredictable!

    I have no idea what is to come next! Let's hope this season continues to entertain this much!