Season 1 Episode 12

Death Of An Alliance

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 16, 2000 on CBS
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It's day 34, and the five remaining Survivors are all members of the original Tagi tribe. As mind games and manipulation accelerates, Kelly and Susan get in to a heated argument, and Richard begins to realize that everything is playing to his advantage. The final Reward Challenge sees the Survivors make their way into the mud volcano, and when Kelly wins, she receives a trip to a bar with Jeff Probst and the chance to see the first five minutes of the first episode of Survivor. At the bar, Kelly admits, "The game's finally gotten weird." As Sean seems to come to realize that money is at stake, the contestants take part in the Immunity Challenge, which deals with island superstition and folklore, Kelly wins, once again screwing up Richard's strategy to get her out. When it comes to Tribal Council, Sean, the only member of Tagi not in the Alliance, is voted off of the island, sending Richard, Kelly, Susan and Rudy in to the final four. Who will win?moreless

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  • The SURVIVAL of an Alliance

    The Tagi alliance, at the end of this episode, becomes the final four as they intended. Kelly is trying to make herself look good in the eyes of the all Pagong jury, a move that could have worked, but ultimately didn't in the end. This episode is actually the first time Sean didn't vote against a person who wound up on the jury as he couldn't vote for himself. Basically, after the alliance finished using him, his usefulness ran out and he was eliminated. The episode's name can be a bit of a misnomer, but it will ultimately be true as they can't stick together anymore.moreless
  • Interesting developments.

    Today was actually the first episode in which I was a little bit against Susan, who has otherwise beeen my favourite. I was on Team Kelly today though, and she is on one amazing winning streak! Keep it up!

    I still incredible like Sue. I would like one of the women to win. Rudy is someone I hated early on, but even he has grown on me. Richard is still very dislikeable.

    I don't understand why the episode is named 'Death Of An Alliance' when the alliance technically stuck together and Sean was off - aka the only non-member of that alliance. It seems a little self-contradictory but whatever.

    I hope the finale is interesting!moreless
  • Kelly wins immunity again and stupid Sean gets voted off.

    The episode started with a fight between Kelly and Sue, who is still mad at breaking their alliance. At the reward challenge, Kelly won by getting the most mud in her bucket and won a beer and got to watch the first five minutes of the first episode of survivor. The challenge made Kelly and Sue not as mad, but Sue still said that Kelly would be voted off next. But Kelly won immunity making her part of the final 4. Before tribal council, Rudy and Rich thought that it might be better to vote off Sue and not Sean which was not likely and the editing tried to make it sound like that they would. In the end Sean was voted off making Kelly, Sue, Rich, and Rudy the final 4.moreless
  • Death of an alliance indeed!

    Kelly and Sue are bickering and it will only get

    Worse from here due to the upcoming "Rats & Snakes"

    Speech that Sue gives to her and Richard as Kelly wins

    Dinner and a beer and watch the first five minutes of

    The original Survivor while the others are trying to plant

    Her demise but again she saves herself from becoming kicked out.
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • We learn on the DVD commentary that Rich saw the treemail, guessed the reward was just beer, and complained that since the previous reward was Sean seeing his Dad overnight on a yacht, a beer wasn't good enough. The producers then scrambled to turn the production crew's cafeteria into a realistic looking bar, and the winner got to drink with Jeff Probst and see the opening of Survivor, a more acceptable reward. After the show was over, Jeff took Kelly, the winner, to the cafeteria and she was shocked. Even though it was not too far from where the castaways were stranded, Probst had the boat circle for a long time to give Kelly the impression she'd traveled a great distance to get there.

    • When Kelly is taken to the bar with Jeff, she is shown the first five minutes of the first episode of Survivor. This is the first and only time (as far as we're aware) that castaways are allowed to see any of the show during its filming.

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  • NOTES (2)

    • Kelly wins the Reward Challenge, "Mud Pack," where the castaways must cover themselves in mud and, with only their bodies, transfer as much as they can over to their buckets. Kelly's reward consists of cold beer, a trip to a secret and secluded island bar, and a chance to see the first five minutes of the first episode of Survivor.

    • Sean gets the axe in this episode, bringing the final four to the original Tagi alliance of four.


    • Richard refers to the game as "Machiavellian." This is an allusion to Niccoló Machiavelli, a 1600's politician who wrote The Prince, a historic book much like today's Hardball, by Chris Matthews. It gives politicians advice and is a complete guide to politics.

    • The Immunity Challenge's name and concept, "Survivor Witch Project," is a spoof on the 1999 horror film The Blair Witch Project, which is now famous for it's jumpy photography, almost as though the entire movie is filmed with the camera people running.