Season 1 Episode 12

Death Of An Alliance

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 16, 2000 on CBS

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  • As the reaming Tagis turn against one another, emotions start to surface and those emotions are not the good kind.

    This is the episode which in my opinion shows what a great player Kelly is. I think it's safe to say that she knew she would be the next person called for jury duty so she stepped up her game and won all of the remaining Immunity Challenges. Five consecutive ones specifically. A feat not repeated by anybody else in the entire history of the game. Another thing to show how great a player she was is the fact that the only time you saw Kelly's name written on the parchment at Tribal Council was the one Tribal where players want to see their name written on it. The rest of the episode is pretty much predictable. It could not have been more obvious that Sean would be sent to the jury. Still, this episode is quite good. The season got better and better as we approached the end.
  • The SURVIVAL of an Alliance

    The Tagi alliance, at the end of this episode, becomes the final four as they intended. Kelly is trying to make herself look good in the eyes of the all Pagong jury, a move that could have worked, but ultimately didn't in the end. This episode is actually the first time Sean didn't vote against a person who wound up on the jury as he couldn't vote for himself. Basically, after the alliance finished using him, his usefulness ran out and he was eliminated. The episode's name can be a bit of a misnomer, but it will ultimately be true as they can't stick together anymore.
  • Interesting developments.

    Today was actually the first episode in which I was a little bit against Susan, who has otherwise beeen my favourite. I was on Team Kelly today though, and she is on one amazing winning streak! Keep it up!

    I still incredible like Sue. I would like one of the women to win. Rudy is someone I hated early on, but even he has grown on me. Richard is still very dislikeable.

    I don't understand why the episode is named 'Death Of An Alliance' when the alliance technically stuck together and Sean was off - aka the only non-member of that alliance. It seems a little self-contradictory but whatever.

    I hope the finale is interesting!
  • Kelly wins immunity again and stupid Sean gets voted off.

    The episode started with a fight between Kelly and Sue, who is still mad at breaking their alliance. At the reward challenge, Kelly won by getting the most mud in her bucket and won a beer and got to watch the first five minutes of the first episode of survivor. The challenge made Kelly and Sue not as mad, but Sue still said that Kelly would be voted off next. But Kelly won immunity making her part of the final 4. Before tribal council, Rudy and Rich thought that it might be better to vote off Sue and not Sean which was not likely and the editing tried to make it sound like that they would. In the end Sean was voted off making Kelly, Sue, Rich, and Rudy the final 4.
  • Death of an alliance indeed!

    Kelly and Sue are bickering and it will only get
    Worse from here due to the upcoming "Rats & Snakes"
    Speech that Sue gives to her and Richard as Kelly wins
    Dinner and a beer and watch the first five minutes of
    The original Survivor while the others are trying to plant
    Her demise but again she saves herself from becoming kicked out.