Season 13 Episode 2

Dire Straights and Dead Weight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ep 2: Ozzy makes a dumb move, Yul gets sent to Exile Island

    The second episode of "Survivor: Cook Islands" does a better job of fleshing out some of the players in the game, and also reveals some interesting new tribe dynamics, particularly in Aitu, where Ozzy convinces his team to throw the challenge to eliminate Billy.

    Ozzy's argument was that if the team gets rid of Billy, they're stronger. To me, that doesn't make much want to win challenges and bond, and instead of that, Ozzy takes the easy way out and throws a challenge. He loses the dead weight, sure, but if they would've sat out Billy at the challenge, they could've won and avoided losing a member heading into a tribe merge. It's a real dumb move on Ozzy's part. I'm hoping to see the tension continue building between Ozzy and Cristina.

    This is also an episode where we see Yul find the hidden immunity idol and Billy confess his love for Candice. I have to say, I have no problem that the first two people getting eliminated in the game are arguably the strangest people there. It's one thing when you have a player like Jessie on the Raro tribe, who's different but relatively normal. However, Billy just doesn't seem to fit in with anybody there. It looks like he applied to be on Survivor as a joke and was shocked to find himself winning.

    And there there's the scene where he says he fell in love with Candice at first sight. Boy, oh boy. Jeff's face when he professes his love says it all. Sorry, Billy, but you were the right person to go.

    It seems like, at this point, it's just a matter of waiting until the show merges the four tribes into two. Sometimes, when there's four tribes like this, it's hard to invest in certain players because the show has to jump from place to place. The second episode definitely juggles the tribes better and helps us get to know them so we can actually care whether or not they win.
  • Hmm, what to say...

    Throwing a challenge - it is plain stupid if you ask me. No circumstances justify doing that from my point of view, and ozzy is not a player I like at all. I've seen Ozzy in two future seasons as well and I can't stand him in any of the three. He's a very arrogant person.

    I wish Billy had stayed, but after the challenge was thrown, the outcome was kinda obvious. The drama with the Candice thing - I can't believe that! Poor guy...

    Also I'm really loving Candice & Adam o n the blue tribe!

    Looking forward to more!
  • It seems the lazy guys are voted off first...

    ...and that's understandable. Last week it was Sekou and this week Billy. And I totally understand each tribe. I would have been furious if I was on an island and some people just lie around expecting me to provide for them like it was some bloody roomservice. Really, how do these people think, when they apply to the show? That it is a sunny vacation on a beach??

    Throwing the challenge was perhaps an extreme strategy, but I would probably have done the same, leeches just makes me cringe.

    Good riddance. Out with the fat deadweight. Done.
  • One of the four tribes does the unthinkable!

    In this, the second of the Cook Islands season, things start to get interesting with the tribes with people butting heads and such. Jonathan returns from Exile Island to a warm response but almost immediately butts heads with one of the younger tribemates over the shelter's make-up. This could make for some interesting eps down the line....

    However, two things dominate this episode overall. First, Yul , upon his arrival at Exile Island, deciphers the clues and finds the Hidden Immunity Idol! Hopefully, he'll keep this discovery to himself or at least use it at some point this year.

    The other item that dominated this episode is the decision by Aitu to <b>throw</b> an immunity challenge so they can vote out Billy. This was done in such an obvious manner during the challenge that it even looked like they were trying to shake the rope bridge they were on to make Billy fall off! Pretty nasty stuff, to say the least.....

    All in all, a very strong episode for early in the season. This reviewer hopes things stay this good as the season unfolds.
  • Survivor: Season 13, Episode 2 : How dumb is Ozzy?

    I can't believe Ozzy talked everyone into throwing the challenge just so they could get rid of Billy. Ok, so the guy was a slacker but to throw the challenge to get rid of him was just stupid. Shame on everyone else for not voting Ozzy off. Throwing the challenge made it unfair. Ozzy will not win because he'll do something stupid all on his own and he'll be gone.

    I give Ozzy a big PFFFFTT for his stupidity.
  • "I love you!"

    I gave this episode such a high rating, despite the lack of action and only one challenge (what is up with another combo reward/immunity challenge?) because of the fact that during trial council, Jeff Probst pretty much laughed in Billy's face. Yes, for all of you who saw it, this may have been one of the top ten moments in "Survivor" history. Poor, disillusioned Billy somehow thought that he and Candace fell in love at first sight after she said, "We love you," to Billy after his tribe lost the challenge. Billy, in turn said, "I love you," to Candace. Stress the word "I." Other than the great tribal council moment, I was happy to see Yul find the hidden immunity idol. He did a great job of interpreting the two clues and now he's protected for one vote until the final four. Unlike Terry last season, I think that Yul will have to use the hidden immunity idol this season because everyone in the game has realized that he's a threat so they'll try to take him out as soon as possible.
  • a big move is played

    this was a good episode and you now get to see the game start to be played. yea i really like cowboy and im kinda sad that no one else in his tribe likes him all that much though i thought they were to sensitive about the jokes he was making, i mean i dont mind jokes that make fun of my race, i find it funny but if it does offend some one you should shut up, cuz that would be polite. also that one guy found the idol, yay for him! billy was kicked off and they lost that challenge just to get him off and i thought that was smart, i mean i did feel bad for him but it is a game and you got to play smart. it was kinda sad that they were almost catching up to the yellow team even when they werent trying, thats really bad for the yellow team cuz they will try next time, the yellow needs to step it up a bit.
  • Survivor brings teamwork, back-stabbing and plaenty of twists and turns.

    I think this season of Survivor has started out with more excitment then past seasons. Mainly in part to the fact the tribes are divided into ethnic groups. It usually take until the 3rd or 4th episode to remember all the characters but because of the ethnic grouping of tribes. I love how the asian tribe is smart with puzzels. How ignorant of the Latin team to send whom they think is the strongest Asian player to Exhile Island. Of course he would find the immunity idle! This is going to be an exciting adventure and I can't wait to see the twists and turns this season brings! Survivor is the best reality show around.
  • The show started out just like any other survivor episode starts out, Recap! New Footage! Player Updates! The Challenge! and then tribal!

    What was up with this episode this is my favorite episode so far. Billy who i couldn't stand i thought he was fat and lazy from the beginning! Well i taped survivor because i was busy but i watched it later WTF was Billy's problem he doesn't have a love romance she said "We Love You" not "I Love You" talk about dumb and Stupid!!!!!!
  • I don't think they should of lost the challenge on purpose. If it wasn't for that I would of given this episode a higher score!!

    They had a chance to keep themselves out of the wind and rain with those tarps and they blew it!

    I agree that Billy wasn't pulling his weight around camp and he even admitted it to the camera that it was his strategy to let everyone else do his work, but I don't think that's a reason to throw the challenge. They always could of thrown the next challenge, but this challenge, they could of sat him out and that's what they should of done.

    They could have let him set out and did their best to win the challenge. It just shows me that Ozzy is someone that can't be trusted. As soon as someone else gets on his nerves, he is going to convince the others to throw another challenge.

    I don't think that's any way to play the game and what they did was wrong!

    With that said, I thought everyone else played the game well and it was exciting to watch!
  • Just like in any Survivor there is back-stabbing.

    It was a good episode to say the lest, I don't really like how the Aitu team lost a challage to get rid of one of their own teammates, but I do get why they did it and it was a good reason, it was not like oh i just don't like him, he would of really messed up the team sooner or later so it was a great reason to do what they did. I really like the challage it was really good, you had to use your brain and your streght those are the best, it's just to bad there was only, and not to.
  • Great Episode

    I think this episode was very important, especially for this early in the season. 4 main things:
    1.Yul found the immunity idol - nothing is more important than that.
    2.Aitu tribe - their tribe is clearly divided now and if they lose immunity, there will definitely be a tie.
    3.Puka tribe's dominance in challenges - their team seems to be very strong and are definitely the team to beat.
    4.Raro not looking as pathetic as they really are - they came in second in the immunity challenge but their camp life is still pretty bad.
  • Billy was open season all along!

    One of the four tribes indeed does the unthinkable in order to get rid of one of their own. I really didn't like it when Billy didn't carry his weight. But then again, I thought Ozzy was kind of a jerk. Billy I thought would be the strongest member of the team. But it isn't just physical strength. But it is the impressions you make on the other members that really determine your fate. And Billy was open season from the get go!