Season 25 Episode 2

Don't Be Blinded by the Headlights

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2012 on CBS

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  • Just the seocnd episode, but I think somebody made a fatal move. (Spoilers for this episode ahead.)

    First off, I just love Abi-Maria's accusatory comments to RC! Abi-Maria is definitely my favourite so far, and RC is by far my least favourite. Abi is just so fierce! I love it!

    Not much to see here in terms of Kalabaw. They have got next to no screentime - except for Penner and his idol finding. I like how the idol is hidden in plain sight - that's a good new one!

    Matsing is where omost of the interesting stuff is happening. Malcolm and Angie are cuddling for warmth at night, and it appears as though they have formed a strgong couple. Clearly a couple can be a very powerful thing in Survivor.

    It was basically down to Roxy and Angie. I though Angie was definitely going home, because I thought Russel l and Denise would be stupid to give away their numbers. Now Malcolm and Angie make up 50% of the tribe, and I can't honestly see Malcolm turning on Angie anytime soon because he seems to have her wrapped around her finger (or the other way round).

    I was really surprised Roxy went. I liked her - she was a great personality and a very likeable castaway. I'm sad to see her go, but more importantly, I think Russell made a very bad move by not breaking up the pair.

    I coul d be way off - only time weill tell.
  • Jonathan desperately searches for the hidden immunity idol. At Matsing, Roxy has a little trouble with Malcom and Angie's sleeping arrangements.

    There really wasn't anything new in this particular episode. I saw a lot of the same here. I saw Lisa, sitting along crying and saying how she may not be cut out for "Survivor". I don't want to begin to count how many times I have seen that. I think it's safe to say Lisa will be the first from her tribe voted out when Kablaw loses an immunity challenge. I saw Roxy complaining about two people in her tribe because of the way they sleep at night. Again nothing I haven't seen before. Finally, just as in the previous episode, a tribe member shoots themself in the foot with a rediculous tirade. Also, Kablaw must not be too bright if they could not figure out that Jonathan was looking for the idol. Why else would he stay behind in a leaky shelter in a torrential downpour? If they haven't figured out that he has it by his "I'm on Fire!" freakout, they don't deserve to win. The good thing is Matsing was smart enough to cut Roxy loose. After her bitching and moaning and insults to her tribe members, it was good to see her go. Grab your torches, head back to camp. Goodnight.