Season 13 Episode 5

Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ep 5: Cao Boi won't shut up, Raro loses another member

    I'm not all that surprised with the outcome of tonight's episode. In a way, Stephannie was gone the moment she told her tribe she was ready to go a couple of episodes ago. She hung in there, and because of an innocuous comment made to Nate (and because she seemed incapable of bonding with anyone), she's gone.

    Backing up a bit: it seems like both the Aitu and Raro tribes are pretty even at challenges. One tribe may win reward, but during the next challenge, the other tribe wins Immunity. It makes for competitive challenges, and a fun watch.

    I feel like with Raro losing two Immunity challenges in a row, we once again get very little of the Aitu tribe. We get some rearranging, with Sundra joining the Yul/Becky/Candice/Jonathan alliance, and some more classic Cao Boi antics, but other than that, this is Raro's episode.

    I have to say: I thought Cristina was going home. The editing was very deceiving, because it looked as if Parvati was fighting for Stephannie, when it turns out everyone unanimously voted to get her out.

    It seems as if at this point, nobody has stepped up in any of the tribes to take lead. Instead, we have groups that have taken control of things, with no one person stepping up. It certainly makes for a more interesting pre-merge dynamic.
  • Good episode!

    This was a great episode - Reward was great. Nate and Adam really dug deep in there to keep all that weight up, and with the assistance of some other tribe members, they pulled off a great win!

    I'm surprised that the red tribe is so competitive and are actually pulling off some wins. By the looks of things, the blue tribe is so much stronger, but in practice it isn't playing out that way! :P

    jENNY got on my nerves a lot in this episode. Didn't like her at all, the way she was talking about Cristina, who is one of my favourites.

    Weird way to be voted out for Stephannie, but I wonder if she was truly set on leaving or not? Seemed bizarre...
  • Can mashed potatoes and gravy get you in trouble?

    I really liked the idea of separating tribes by their ethnicity. I thought it would be a good game this way. After all the hype about it it was just "cloud talk". Soon all tribes were meshed into 2 tribes. Of course I have to keep watching because I'm into it already. Everyone in this season seems to be ok. With the exception of the black dude (whose name I can't remember!!!) I think his name is Nate. He irks me.

    Stephanie obviously didn't learn to shut her mouth. Last week she made the statement that she was ready to go home and later after thinking it over, she decided she actually wanted to stay and told everyone she had a "weak moment". Everyone gave her the benefit of the doubt and voted off J.P. instead. Stephanie should have learned to watch what she says because after last week's comments, everyone was going to be listening to what she was saying. Her comments to Nate as they got water were innocent and I don't feel she meant anything along the lines that she was ready to go home to eat her mashed potatoes and gravy. She just made a comment after Nate asked her if she was cool with what everyone was doing (voting Cristina off). She said it could be either her or Cristina and that she could easily see herself going home and having mashed potatoes and gravy. I don't think she meant she was ready to go home rather, she was saying what she would have IF she was the one voted off. I didn't think she meant she wanted to go home until Nate went off and started telling everyone what she had said. I don't remember who was the girl who went to Stephanie and spoke to her about her comment but I think Stephanie may have been safe up to the point when they were at the council and Cristina apologized for being bossy because she hadn't realized she was doing that. I'd have to agree with her given that she is a police officer, she may have unknowingly been giving orders out of habit. I think everyone decided to vote off Stephanie because they accepted Cristina's reason and Stephanie was the next logical choice. Stephanie didn't seem to be doing anything anyway so I'd probably have voted her off as well.

    So, it remains to be seen if the tribe made a wise choice by accepting Cristina's explanation that she didn't realize she was being bossy and voting off Stephanie instead of her.
  • Stephannie gone. Good--another unknown contestant.

    Other than the crazy, hard immunity challenge, I'd have to say that this episode was only so-so, but what else should have I expected given that this season has been weak so far? Yeah, the editors made it look like Christina would be going because of the whole octopus incident, but in the end, Stephannie had to go because her heart was no longer in the game. If you don't want to be there, you should go home. Let the people who want to play stay. As for the immunity challenge, that was finally a new challenge for this season (i.e., we had not previously seen it in any other "Survivor" season). I really feel like I don't know any of these contestants as well as I knew contestants from other seasons? Maybe it's because they were all recruits and not die-hard "Survivor" fans?
  • Another great show!

    Again it was another great show and that I thought like most of everybody on here that Christina would be going home after costing her team the octupus and that now since JP was gone, the men are pulling their weight. Raro may be the strongest team physically but Atiu is the strongest team mentally. As some of their members came to the Raro tribe on accident as Cao Boi talked his head off.
  • Another good episode

    This season has been fun to watch and this is another good episode. I like the people involved and so I am glad to watch each week. On some season's I really don't like who is on the show and I pull each week for someone to get voted off. This season I like them all, and I was wrong because of the editing. I thought for sure Christene was going home and instead it was Stepanie. I think from her wrap up that she was ready to go and happy about it. The two tribe seem to be pretty equal.